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infosec; IPS vs. IDS 

Is storing your numbers in a (rust) usize too boring?

Try storing your numbers in a Vec<!>

use the capacity field, and just use .reserve() to increment the number.

Length field is always zero, and the pointer doesn't matter.

me a few years ago: wow this LGBTQ meme channel has a lot of trans memes that I can't relate too, im posting bisexual memes in it tho

me now: enby meme printer go brrrrrrrrr

i also thought the trans flag was great and it's a shame I couldn't fly it
I got my wish

maybe cursed maybe brilliant idea:

don't like the company style format? have your IDE auto reformat all code to match *your* specific format on checkout, and on commit reformat it back to the canonical format

this does require you actually use a formatter though

to make this truly cursed: store the AST of your code in XML in the repo, have the editor display that according to your style

'legal name/gender' more like 'state mandated name/gender'

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for someone who goes this long before reboots (currently sitting at a nice 44 days), maybe arch isn't the best distro for me.

gonna use this until something breaks that I don't want to fix and then install nixos

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i have as much of a gender as i do love for magic bus

i have none

are the friends we made along the way a monad?

git web frontends (gitea and github both don't do this) really should let you see the SSH clone URL even if you're not logged in.

just because i'm not logged in on the website doesn't mean I can't push to a SSH URL. maybe include a warning that you need to be able to authenticate to use the URL, but it should still *show*

it's not like the SSH URL is sensitive information

i have considered myself a furry for over 10 years and not *once* made a sona

kinda want to make one now i wanna be kitty

gonna rewrite my gender in rust

my gender requires nightly rust until const generics are stable

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