oh shit what mastodon is getting E2EE DM's? based as fuck

apparently they also implemented franking which would be a nice addition to matrix so you can actually usefully report E2EE messages there too

my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

just got a letter with big scary red text and OFFICIAL NOTICE on it

guess what it was

the TV licensing fucks

come investigate me cowards instead of sending spooky letters that read like a scam

carbon based lifeform? no i want to be a catboy based lifeform.

what do you call a fursona of a cat

a purrsona

had a dream someone did some fiction in the form of a masto/twitter timeline

and like you could even make it interactive if you use polls (as a choice thing, to avoid needing to do natural language parsing)

have a website where you just click a button and an instance is spun up just for you, that you use, and posts are made over a few hour period

you could do things like relive the experience of learning about some breaking news from a fuckin meme about it, now for fictional events!

or do it as a global shared thing over a longer period of time (I guess a bit like an ARG? but closer to a DnD session where people's actions influence what happens)

oh also in the dream all the posts were a year old and people devolved into posting horny fanart of the characters because Of Course they would

surely someone's done this before right

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CW thing in eye (subtle, non-gory) 

Finally a new piece! Wanderlust, the crystal maiden of the wind, was picked up by the party while suffering a mysterious case of memory loss.

She's our DM's (@chaotic_conundrums) non-player character in the team and as grown to become the mascot of our #ShatteredWorld campaign. #MLP #MlpArt #OCArt #Drawing #CreativeToots

being friends with furries is great since you have just a mapping of species to person to send to people when you see an animal pic

like, see a bunny? yep, i know where to send that. a marten? i know where to send that.

get friends of every species

i wonder if you could hack on colab document editing to matrix

like, matrix itself already gives you a permission system (including E2EE!) and it's already a DAG

could you bolt on some CRDT or something to get multiple people working on the same document at a time (where one room is a document)

does this already exist

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even if asbestosposting is outlawed now we'll still need to deal with the consequences of our actions years in the future when the old asbestos posts get dug up and boosted

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Selfies, eye contact, one of them has a sharp gardening tool brandished cooly :boost_ok: 

So uhh, yeah, I'm still bound by physical presence. Not sure how much I've changed, but I've not posted a selfie since I started E I'm pretty sure so like,,,

Here ya go~

There's a DM only video selfie if you'd like it

Boosts are required if you actually read all this 🥺

marking all my selfies as sensitive content because i am sensitive and will cry easily if you shout at me

interesting to me how mastodon (seemed to) largely avoid the "literally everyone uses the same instance" problem that matrix currently has

this could just be selection bias, but on matrix, like 90% of people I see use matrix.org

tbh I do too because your instance really does not matter, i've not run into any reliability issues, and there's not really that many that I trust (to be reliable) out there. also no account migration lol

I guess synapse being resource hungry plays into it? not sure

favorite main branch names other than master/main ?

one project i made a pull request to used "no-gods-no-" which was good

i liked that one

horny, inspirational quote 

be the reason people use their phone one-handed

if you do case number 1000 you get a free bike

hi craven

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working on case number 666

feels good

it's a minor tweak but still

maybe cellebrite should have rewritten their code in rust

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