if you do case number 1000 you get a free bike

hi craven

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working on case number 666

feels good

it's a minor tweak but still

maybe cellebrite should have rewritten their code in rust

Wow! This enby thinks refactoring their codebase every few weeks is a replacement to self care!

turning my phone brightness to max and light mode on lying in bed at midnight just to feel something

ha yeah I have a variety of non-binary friends

they're mixed enbian

type of person who posts on their blog like monthly and says to themselves "i'm just keeping a high signal to noise ratio" despite half the stuff they post being kinda low effort

is fdroid having problems right now or what

there's an update to Feeder that fdroid *knows about* and has known about since like the 28th of last month, but it's still on 1.11.0

which would be fine if 1.11.0 wasn't fatally broken which it is

didn't know they took *this long* to publish new stuff

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Let's make a colour together! <3


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if forth is so good why isn't there a fifth

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