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tech, entertainment collection 

here's a heckton of "doesn't print on tuesdays"-type issues, beza1e1.tuxen.de/lore/index.ht

discord be like: oh hey guys we have image spoilers!

what's that? you want it on mobile? it is there! just rename your file.

you can't rename your file, don't know how, or don't want to? lol get rekt.

FOSS UX is often pretty shit but this is worse than any project could dream up

like what the fuck is that solution

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which is tastier? 🥤

did you hear about the government having the sole rights to produce wooden stringed instruments that are played by a bow?

the state has a monopoly on violins.

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everyone says you're not meant to put binaries in your git repos but what about putting enbies in your git repos is that okay?

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I've been using and liking fish for about 3 years now, but I noticed some downsides (not POSIX compliant so some things you wanna source or copy-paste at times don't work), so I'm wondering: what would you recommend?

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stop doing linked lists, lists were never meant to be linked

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The worst mug in the world, ukpol 

I need others to suffer with me on this one, sorry.

Fun fact, the UTF8 encoded form of the trans flag is 16 bytes long, so it's a good choice if you need an 16 byte magic number.

In hex it is:

f0 9f 8f b3 ef b8 8f e2 80 8d e2 9a a7 ef b8 8f

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Recently, an SPL student painted a Rickroll target on my back. I've had to increase my browser security in response.

me to literally anything: baby

a cute dog? they're baby. kitten? baby. person? baby. plant? baby.

mathematical concept? you better believe the pidgonhole principle is baby.

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trans people that know rust: did you realise you were trans at the same time you started writing rust?

i mentioned this on reddit and two other people said it applied to them too so... does rust trans people? what secret powers does rustc have,,,

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fellow enbies! i have a poll. please share it with ur enby pals so we can collect information

if nulls were a billion dollar mistake, having database IDs be represented as just integers is a half billion dollar mistake

we're still using pointers that can silently corrupt data and return invalid results, and we actually got worse by removing all type information about what they point to

at least C pointers segfault (sometimes) if you mess them up

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Trying to start a community (I've made a thing) :boost_ok: 


Starting out on Matrix, but I guess more to be added later.

If you like time attacking and want people to talk to about it all, and breaking records, and all that. Maybe you play a niche game and there's nobody to celebrate achievements or despair with. Come over here, we're friendly!


(Please boost this, because I'm mostly doing this because *I* need people to talk to...)

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idea: language with a bit as the base unit of address, so you can have pointers to individual bits, have structs made up out of, for example, a 4 bit field and a 2 bit field.

Data structures would also all need to support bit level sizes for objects.

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