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stop doing multithreading

computers were never meant to do more than one thing at a time

years of fixing thread safety bugs yet no real use found for calling pthread_create

wanted to go higher anyway? we had a tool for that, it was called 'faster clock cycles'

"yes please lock this struct banana for me. please give me compare_and_swap 2 of it" statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

look at what programmers have been demanding your respect for all this time, with all the threads and mutexes we built for them
(this is real multithreading, done by real programmers)

[recursive_timed_mutex] ???
[future_category] ??????
[lock cmpexchg] ????????????

"Hello I would like to async() please"
they have played us for absolute fools

me whenever anyone has a pride flag in their pfp:

"poggers pfp there <name>"

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To those who are playing “The Game”, you’ve all just lost.

uploading a 45GB file to onedrive (12 hours) instead of copying it to a USB drive and walking to the office (25 minutes) because i'm lazy

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if your cat often bothers you at your computer and walks all over your keyboard, it's because they're trying to join you and do what you're doing. It's a sign of affection! One way to mitigate disruption without pushing away your cat is by buying your cat their own laptop and plugging it in next to yours. make sure the laptop has wifi, a VPN, and access to the darkweb

the masto (tusky) experience:

1. scroll through timeline, click on the top of a long thread and read it

2. read through that same exact thread again in your timeline as you continue scrolling because you follow everyone involved in it, but this time it's mixed in with other posts

im not sure what the best solution for this is

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instead of warning users and dishing out temp bans just apply a desaturation filter

the worse a user you are the more boring images are for you

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i found a furry in this game of team fortress two

it's pretty epic ngl i love finding furries / queer people in matchmaking

i don't have anything else to add but they make me want to get art done so i can be a visible queer furry too

thread on a UK subreddit about "what's some unpopular opinions"

"the NHS sucks for mental health stuff", "yes, people in the UK are still racist", "fuck the royal family", all perfectly fine threads

"trans people aren't a threat": immediately locked that comment thread and anything related to it

as of 6 minutes ago the whole post was locked for "no politics"

i really want to ask "hey what was the thing that got this post locked was it the trans people"

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what has four letters, occasionally has twelve letters, always has six letters, and never has five letters

what the fuck tinytinyrss

looking at their API reference for Boolean values they don't enforce it being true/false

it's just "what does PHP consider falsy or "f" or "false" "

ngl that's kinda cursed

I was planning to NIH-syndrome a compatible client and now I have to deal with *that*

love a system where "False" is silently true

especially for an API


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They make me dance through their hoops of body language and facial expressions and shout go autistic girl go

just had microsoft terminal open visual studio to edit the config file, and then have VS promptly close because it's a pro version and I had the license expire

can't you just let me use it as a text editor please

that's partly on me for keeping it installed but still...

if your music doesn't make me think it's a bad encode or my hardware's broken i'm not interested

i have a bad encoding of one of aphex twin's album and I got a few minutes in before thinking "hm i know they're experimental but maybe it being just noise isn't intentional?"

it's not

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