why isn't "dns but for physical mail" a thing

let people register names (first come first serve, lasts for the lifetime of the registrant + 5 years) where anything sent to that gets forwarded to your physical address without anyone knowing said address.

@astraluma @00dani I looked it up and apparently this is a thing in the UK and probably elsewhere, you can have PO boxes that forward to your address? see "PO Box Prices" "PO Box Deliver"

it's also 36 pounds a month, so that's a bit much for the average person.

@5225225 @00dani I do not believe the USPS will forward mail like that. I believe you still have to physical go to the post office to empty your box.

They do have a bunch of features around notifications and telling you what's in your box, though, so you don't have to go and check.

@TransTechie only as a forwarding service and not terribly expensive and instead be the standard way to contact people, yeah.

@5225225 ahh okay. I don't know pricing for your area. They are not that bad where I am admittedly, but not saying much there

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