oh shit what mastodon is getting E2EE DM's? based as fuck

apparently they also implemented franking which would be a nice addition to matrix so you can actually usefully report E2EE messages there too

my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

@wxcafe that would be the.... third? trans musician to work on Celeste

(i forget if In Love With A Ghost is trans, but they did the music to possibly the most frustrating B side)

git servers. grrrr 

@charlotte that would break in the event of "oh the commit you're linking to collides with a commit in a pull request someone's making"

that and "distance from HEAD" isn't well defined if the commit isn't *on* HEAD. You could say "distance from the closest/farthest branch or tag" I guess?

I mean yeah long URLs aren't great but it's better than your permalinks Magically Changing from under you.

@maia me: monster at 10PM? don't mind if I do!

also me: oh god oh fuck why do I feel so angry and like shit why am I awake at 2am

just got a letter with big scary red text and OFFICIAL NOTICE on it

guess what it was

the TV licensing fucks

come investigate me cowards instead of sending spooky letters that read like a scam


@penryn libfuzzer is when you fuzz the conversations of liberals

afl is when you fuzz the conversations of bunnies


@riley insert xkcd but "testing!"

be glad you *have tests* tbh :D

@goat yeah my friend used dvorak for a bit and she just couldn't keysmash because it looked like either some human language, or a really drunk person speaking english

I think using the top/bottom row helped a bit

also Because Internet (that book) is really good would recommend.

@riley I may be an anarchist but when it comes to code formatting i'm an authoritarian

just use rustfmt. yes its formatting is bad sometimes but still a bad consistent format is better than whatever shit people make up

except for like arrays of grouped items I will permit a rustfmt::skip there

also that file has a marker to the code formatter telling it to not run on it *right*?

or is it just "lol just don't run it"

carbon based lifeform? no i want to be a catboy based lifeform.

what do you call a fursona of a cat

a purrsona


"so 522 what are some of the genders you like?"

You Love Her Coz She's Dead - Boys X Girls

had a dream someone did some fiction in the form of a masto/twitter timeline

and like you could even make it interactive if you use polls (as a choice thing, to avoid needing to do natural language parsing)

have a website where you just click a button and an instance is spun up just for you, that you use, and posts are made over a few hour period

you could do things like relive the experience of learning about some breaking news from a fuckin meme about it, now for fictional events!

or do it as a global shared thing over a longer period of time (I guess a bit like an ARG? but closer to a DnD session where people's actions influence what happens)

oh also in the dream all the posts were a year old and people devolved into posting horny fanart of the characters because Of Course they would

surely someone's done this before right

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CW thing in eye (subtle, non-gory) 

Finally a new piece! Wanderlust, the crystal maiden of the wind, was picked up by the party while suffering a mysterious case of memory loss.

She's our DM's (@chaotic_conundrums) non-player character in the team and as grown to become the mascot of our #ShatteredWorld campaign. #MLP #MlpArt #OCArt #Drawing #CreativeToots

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