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thoughts on improving sprays in video games

1. show who did a spray

2. classify sprays as NSFW, have a content filter, let you filter out NSFW images

3. you can change the image without reconnecting

4. sprays can be public or private, public sprays can be added to your list like telegram stickers (maybe)

5. server admins can view all sprays that have been used and block people from using sprays

are sprays purely a source engine thing or does any other game have free-image decals

socially anarchist but a programming language tankie

your code *will* be written in rust (or any other actually memory safe by default language) and you will like it

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damn i'm reading 1984 right now and i just got to the chapter where they put rust in the linux kernel..... scary shit

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are u cis

my favourite shipping pair?

oh yeah i ship a boat and a suez canal

they're perfect for each other

the suez was blocked by the enby reading this

me when i'm listening to music: hell yeah i'm fucking awesome i can do anything

me when i need to send one (1) email: crying, sobbing, wanting to go to sleep

food (vegan) bad idea 

me when I drink a whole 1L bottle of apple juice in one go


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@kawaiipunk i uh work for the census haha and yeah you won't get fined till like late may. i'm going to be knocking on doors till the end of april getting people to fill it in. after april then the "non-compliance team" goes out and then maybe you get fined. you also don't need to get a paper questionnaire to get more time, you can still fill it in online. basically, no panic, till may the worst that can happen is I come and knock on your door asking you to fill it in.

new project idea

something like google's clusterfuzz but specifically for rust projects

given a set of projects you can run cargo-fuzz on, automatically file issues with minimised test cases, and close the issue if it has been fixed

I've seen multiple projects with fuzzers that either had low hanging fruit, or I don't think the fuzzer even *built*, so absolutely no one runs it

everyone's on about spoons

but what I want to know is where the fuck my forks went

I have three forks total now

where the hell did the rest go I could have sworn I had more

I have plenty of spoons and knives

but three forks

if fortran is so good why isn't there a fivetran

if genDER is so good why isn't there a genBER

my gender is valid but non-canonical

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