@wgahnagl as with all of this, the punishment should fit the crime, and life sentences should really only be handed out in cases where a lack thereof would pose significant risk to others (violent crimes) - good luck with that given modern power schemes.

@wgahnagl eerily (potentially accidental) implications involving the death sentence. some people deserve to have a life and a mind and an impact on society without being left to enough of their own devices to cause significant harm to people. life sentence prisoners can read books, send and receive letters, and participate in society by proxy, but can't, y'know, kill people.

riding the high of I-did-so-much-work-today-that-instead-of-feeling-guilty-for-taking-a-break-it-just-feels-deserved.

18 commits.


@wgahnagl I don't know what you're referring to, but it seemed like a crime to not weigh in

who wants to fuck around and hack parler accounts with me?

@romariorios as a retired grammar nazi, this is huge. As long as your target audience (could be the public, could be 1 other person) understands the concepts that came from your head, you languaged correctly and no one can tell you otherwise. English teachers are living in another world where the only target audience is job recruiters looking at a cover letter for typos.

@ItsMorgan Imagine re-deriving Plato's cave and this is how you summarize

@wgahnagl I do believe I told you about this plan last year anyway.

@wgahnagl what on earth makes you think he's talking about anyone other than myself when he calls me prittey and sexety babey?

get you a man who's confident enough to call you butfuld in DMs like this guy does to my catfishing profile

I'm wholly convinced it is mentally impossible to dislike Ghibli movies and the people who do are about as real as birds.

stop. are you listening to music? no -> can you be right now? yes -> youtube.com/watch?v=MrSWrg4Uyf

this is your vibe for the next hour.

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