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tests are showing funny business levels at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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villeneuve really had his movie open with voiceover saying "i wonder what our next oppressor will be like" and then cut to paul and people are still like

paul, the hero of the story

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Guantanamo opened 20 years ago today. People are still being held prisoner there, many without charge or trial. That's longer than some people on this website have been alive.

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im reading theory 

capitalism will be our death

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Now that I have your attention, the Hawaiian island of Oahu has found that the drinking water of all residents has been contaminated with petroleum. 350 TIMES ABOVE what is accepted as safe.

School children were drinking this water. The military bases on the island are scrambling and helicopters and jets are flying. My friend on the island is seeing this in real time.

No one outside of the state is talking of this issue, spread the word.

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How to hack this bus stop advertising space

On a bus stop advertisement

So meta!

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Man, it really hurts knowing that the two biggest names in open source are fucking assholes

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Anyone using the current Thinkpad X1 line, and could answer one or more of these questions? (And if not, maybe boost?)

How is the keyboard? The X1’s used to be very nice, pre-Lenovo; are they still comfy for long typing sessions and reasonably laid out and such?

If you’re using one of the officially-supported Linux options (RedHat/Ubuntu), how is it? All the hardware work reasonably?

If you’re using Arch or Manjaro, how is that? Any weirdness, custom kernel nonsense required, etc.?

Thank you!

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There have been reports of a thesaurus leak, and I’m worried, bothered, concerned, apprehensive, fraught, fretful and nervous about it. You never know when it may strike. Or transpire. Be vigilant. And wary.

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Help a Latinx family with groceries! 🎉

I'm helping another neighborhood family and their dog with groceries. Their need is $134 👪💖
Venmo: @ hamsterpower91
Cash App: $hamsterpower

I'll update the thread til our goal is met!
#boost #donate #mutualaid #crowdfund

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Illuna AestiVal – Valley of Summer, is our friendly and easy #Minetest :minetest: experience for players who are just getting started with Minetest or prefer a less complex, yet rich experience.
Right next to the spawnpoint, you find our Tutorial Cave – getting you started with many interesting and helpful details and hints about Minetest and our special modifications to the game.

Get learning, at ip: & port: 30.000

#illuna #minetestserver

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Anyway, if you wanna help an afro-indigenous person not become homeless this thanksgiving season, now is your chance!
venmo: @ asteronauts
cashapp: $asteronaut

#boost #donate #mutualaid

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anarchocapitalism has always seemed like a particularly ghoulish ideology because these people decide that they don't agree with the way people are suffering or have been suffering so they invented a whole new ideology full of new ways to make people suffer

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Help a Black trans person get home for the holidays!

#BlackTransLivesMatter #donate #boost

Ven: adonisbcthingss
Cash: $abccoins

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Anarchists and Communists on reddit: *at each other's throats and destroying communities over petty shit*

Anarchists and Communists on fedi: *making out with each other*

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Man, fuck performance self-reviews. If there's a problem with my performance then tell me. I ain't throwing myself under the bus.

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