Trying real hard to want to do anything
Where do the rest of you find the motivation. . .

dysphoria, voice shit 

Just had a customer tell me a few times over the phone what a "pretty voice" i have and what a "helpful young lady" I am and i wanna fall down dead i wanna FALL DOWN DEAD DON'T SAY THAT TO ME
I can handle 'nice' voice, even soft, even 'pretty' in some contexts but don't tell me i have a woman's voice I'll wanna rip my motherfucking eyes out
I know it's squeaky and soft and it jumps pitch like crazy when im nervous
And I'm always nervous at work :))))
So it never!!! Ends!!!!!!!!!!

bad brain 

Woke up feeling like absolute trash, but also woke up too late to call off
Manifesting no mean people, no difficult cases, and very few phone calls today please
We're back to not being able to eat from the jitters and i cannot deal with any more Bad today


What's the negative version of catcalling. OBVIOUSLY ALL CATCALLING IS BAD but you know what i mean-- the Intentionally Insulting kind. Anyway I just got that'd at at the store, very cool

Just almost got sideswiped in this parking lot by a big truck, driven by a man who hastily parked then ran into the nearby sport clips like his life depended on it

I will never get over the gag of, if your story is set in space, prefixing nouns with "space"

Sad mumble / car babble 

Took a shower, feel a little bit better physically but still want to Drive. But my car is still in limbo til we repair it and i cant take the Honda until Bee gets up and i can ask for the keys (and explain that i wish to take his vehicle for a nonsense drive).
Soon my car will be Paid Off and that's exciting though (although it's not actually my car it's in partners name, i just. Pay for it, and drive it sometimes.). Bummer is it's been unusable for a few months because it kept stalling out on me (in dangerous places to be stalled out like, outer lake shore drive lmao) but we finally know what's wrong and it's a part replacement we can do at home
Taking care of things is the worst

Please describe:

* your jokes/memes - it's no good saying "this is just silly, you're not missing anything"; let us be the judge of that! Also, being disabled isn't about being dull and worthy all the time.

* your artwork - I'm so sad when I see cool art I can't boost (and sometimes can't even discern :) )

* your gifs and videos - description isn't just for still images!

* your audio clips - yep, these can be described too!

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Sad mumble 

it's so gloomy today. urge to pack bag and drive far for no reason is Hurting
i wonder if treating myself to a long drive to a salon store/art supply store will suffice. I get a drive and also some Items i can forget to make use of.

If anyone needs me after work I'll be on the floor mumbling the words to tomcat disposables and rocking back and forth for like, an hour probably

i want... roller skates
want to skate again (i have not in many years and i was never good but it was very fun)


Felt a weird amount of guilt for having to afk to handle things but the fizzled to nothing when after logging back in i got a call like, a minute before close
Mochi unplugged my monitor while I was on the line and then got on the chair and started Shouting, so, y'know

Should post an intro maybe since I've already jumped right into Shouting

Am i using this right? I don't have much worthwhile to discuss but sometimes i just wanna Yell about my Day (so far it's not great if you're wondering)

Also: give me more time to do my job challenge maybe

Impatient sales reps and mean people don't talk to me anymore challenge

okay google how long until my new job magically cures my years-long untreated burnout and i stop being terrified of underperformance getting me fired every day

I had an account on mastodon forever ago but i don't remember how anything works. also the app won't let me log in so that's a thing
But it is neat to have Another Place to babble into the void

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