You shouldn't base your identity around things you like, or experiences you've had, or how you act in general. The only worthwhile basis of your identity should be the results of the "which Yu-Gi-Oh character are you" quiz which you took when you were twelve (I got Alito)

Why do scuba divers fall backwards into the water? Because if they fell forwards they’d still be in the boat.

sometimes I think about how the medieval islamic world had flush toilets and sewer systems like 900 years before western europe

Friendly reminder: Corporations are not your friends, and there is no such thing as a good wealthy person. You cannot be good and wealthy at the same time. It's impossible. The only thing the wealthy are good at is exploiting the good people in our societies. Eat the rich. Eat the rich. Redistribute their hoarded wealth until we have parity in our societies.


We really need to stop normalizing corporations "taking inspiration from modders and fan communities" and acknowledge that what's actually happening is a multi-million dollar company taking what someone made for free and monetizing it to their advantage

While paying them nothing at all, might I add.

did anyone ever figure out if disney went all in and animated the lions' dicks in the lion king remake

I have three parents: my mom, John darnielle and Laura Jane Grace.

wood stain is just things-looking-good juice

has any mario (doctor or no) been baptized. is mario a catholic. my contention? no.

i contend that mario's soul is an animal soul and will be vaporized instantly by the divine light of Christian God the moment it leaves its little denim shell

mastodon should implement @everyone like discord has

I’m not a good enough artist to follow my dreams and that’s really hard to accept and I’m really sad also I miss my girlfriend :( ladies and gentlethems....what do

But you cannot run
And you cannot hide
From the wreck we've made of our house
From the mess inside

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