Straightphobic take but I hate the 😂 emoji and I hate the 🤣 emoji even more, they are of the devil

I have completely forgotten which direction comics are supposed to be read it I just read a page both directions and try to deduce which makes more sense

Every time there’s a news post about Cuba the replies are filled with bourgeois losers from dozens of nations going GOOD. Cuba supports TERRORISTS in my country!! And you look it up and it’s like, the Cuban govt. sending a detachment of doctors to provide essential medical aid to villages protected by people’s liberation armies struggling against regional imperialist bourgeois dictatorships

My friend who works as a maintenance worker for a local Catholic school district told me that the school registered its first trans student today. Coincidentally, today my friend was also tasked with building a pair of benches for the entrance. He decided to commemorate.

He only had four colours to work with, but he’s proud of the result (The benches were originally just white).

Like how did McDonald’s curate a “fruit” that tastes like the inside of the mouth

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It’s 12:30 AM and for some reason the song in my head is the Nabari No Ou opening song which is one of the best anime ops ever made in my opinion. I don’t know a single person who’s seen nabari no ou besides me tho and I can’t say whether or not I suggest it because I watched it when I was maybe 14 but I do know the song slaps so 🤷🏼‍♀️

awww it's been deleted before the fights could start lol

someone posted this to the miniatures group on fb i lurk in and i was the first comment........ by saying "this has potential honestly, they just need to make the miniature room inside the taxidermy more thematic and maintain it better"

cw'd just in case but: here's a picture of a ...pronghorn?, type critter, taxidermied, with a dollhouse room in its middle and honestly folks i don't hate it

Lol, white working class once again showing us that we can align with them.

This is puffball slander but it’s okay because it’s coming from me

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Texting puffball goes like this
Me: stinky
Me: should I get this or this on eBay
Her: that one
Me: okay.
Me: wait don’t leave I have another question. Do we have to sign the lease on our house?
*four hours pass*
Me: ma’am
*four more hours pass*
Me: this is mildly important
*another hour passes*
Me: wanna see the frog plushy I found at Walmart
Her: oh ye
Me: ok here it is now should we sign the lease
*two days go bye*
Her: can you sign the lease

If you believe in conspiracy theories and claim to be a leftist: you’re a dumb bitch

as a white person, I love to taze myself in the balls (to death)

Getting a bumper sticker that says "THIS cuck FUCKS"

Lol the woman who got her ass shot yesterday was a veteran and a CEO.

imagine if there was a picrew thing that could generate anyone who weighed over 100 lbs

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