Lol this is such a bad photo :/ but it’s 12 AM and it’s been raining all week so it’s not like I can do better

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When you think about it, there really are only two kinds of life on earth: crabs, and crabs-in-waiting

*posts a dysphoria vent drawing after months of not posting (or well will creating any) art* CW: blood, artistic nudity

mutual aid request for food, pls boost! 

thanks y'all for helping me stay alive, I'm down to my last pack of ramen and need like 20 or 30 bucks for at least another week of food while I try to sort things out for the long term. anything helps!

cashapp $digitalcreature

#transcrowfund #mutualaid

it's called a can opener because you can open things with it

no one can beat me in chess because i will eat the chess pieces

maternity leave, globally 

Is it even really fair to every other country on earth to refer to us as a country?

do not post white supremacy headphone man
do not post white supremacy frog
do not post white supremacy ... idk its like a bear?? i think???
do not collect $200 go straight to blocklist

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Beg post. Need food. Please boost. 

I can't keep making beg post like this but i don't know else to do. My mom doesn't feed me and i have no money for food. go starving and I'm underweight. Anything helps. And if you need to donate another way let me know. Thank you :boost_ok:$LunaCampbell

fucking wild how some people just dont have social anxiety. some people just function

does Mario kart mean that Mario waited at the dmv for his lisence for hours like everyone else and what was his reaction to this?


also I need a shirt that says "I don't have cancer I'm just a faggot" so I can go out while bald

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