jeans with the ankles joined are topologically identical to jeans without the ankles joined

They don't want construction on their street, especially if at the end of it they'll get more pedestrians walking by, so they have to invent all this ridiculous moral reasoning for why the city can't make the sidewalk wider and more even. I think I understand fandom geeks better because this is the same kind of logic that goes into infighting over which ships are the best and most correct ships.

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My neighbors, who consecrated cherry trees as Buddhist priests to prevent the city from installing ADA compliant sidewalks, are now making sad blog posts about how democracy has died because the trees were cut down anyway. God forbid any of them have to use a wheelchair or a walker.

If you, you just die in my arms tonight, you die in real life

You dont need to wash your clothes it's a myth created by big soap to stop u from wearing ur coolest outfits 5 days in a row

Imagining an alternate world where for some reason the word butch got memeified the way the word twink or femboy did

every time you meow, more energy is made

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i made a character generator tailored to generate seph style ocs !! i defo wanna add more to it later but for now i'm happy with this as a first draft !! feel free to show me what u got or make an oc based off it >:]

Puffball is doing the “they asked for no pickles” meme for me but it’s shrimp tacos instead of vegan bean tacos

how can you call a country a democracy if you can become the head of state with less than 25% of the population voting for you (as obama and biden did), or even having lost the vote (as trump and george w bush did)? functionally the majority of the people does not decide who governs them

hey everyone, i really appreciate your help with this big expense and your support through these chaotic times

my roommate is getting a plumber eventually and i will be updating this post when we know how much that'll cost

i don't want to be a bother with all this but i still don't have a job and commissions have been slow, we need $900 still to cover our storage container being shipped to us. i really don't want to lose it since it has a good amount of our things in it, including a bed and several sentimental items

we also need $60 to be able to get groceries this coming week

we are trying our best to not have to ask for so much in the future, but things have been pretty chaotic and confusing since the start of covid and we are still trying to get back on our feet

please help us if you can


cashapp: $SCoyote

venmo: SCoyote

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest @mutualaid

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