hans in his stuttgart and all's right with the world

Imagining a new type of guy who is like “bush did 9/11 and that makes him good bc 9/11 ruled”

omg I forgot that the proud boys were men only lmao could you imagine

this is a shitpost, I know why 

I wonder why we do not simply arrest the armed right wing militias, sending counties into states of emergency

i had a dream about a trans girl who went to get bottom surgery but she was like "hang on, while we're here,..." and surgically became a centaur

baby shower sounds terrifying. all those babies falling on you.


I find so amusing when libs try to explain ACAB like “well it’s not all cops are bad, is bastards! because it’s the system that’s bad. there can be good cops :)” like bitch no every cop is bad and a bastard you have to admit that your cop uncle Dave is a piece of shit someday.

My oc Lavender ☂️ She’s the quiet one in class that never raises her hand but knows all the answers. You can copy her homework but you’ll have to pay her lol.

Why is it so hard for people to just put a TW? Like I s2g masto is the only site that gets it. “There’s no trigger warnings in the real world” bitch who cares! We have control online! We can control who does and doesn’t see harmful or triggering content! We can make online communities safe and comfortable! Exposing people to triggering content won’t “toughen them up” it’ll just make them scared to fucking go online like stfu


deciding that slang like "king, queen, that rules, you're number one" are all problematic and hierarchy enforcing in an anarchist space

Some chara sketches !
These ones were based on a little underwater creature called nautilus

#art #MastoArt #CharacterDesign #conceptart #CreativeToots

old sketch i had lying around n decided to color with B R I G H T colors bc uuuuh that's what i do

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

today's illustrated haiku (haiku in toot) , CW: food, stickiness 

we pluck salads from/seasoned patches hosed by the/
balsamic lion

#mastoart #art #illustration #haiku #poem #poetry #CommissionsOpen

say what you will of john green but the taste of cock post was his opus

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