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idk if my thread from just now is visible in the tl or not. Keep forgetting to check the privacy settings.

But yeah anyways speaking of finding common ground with/coming to a new understanding with people who aren’t like you, I’m kinda curious to meet people on here that maybe both are and aren’t like me in different ways.

A generic about me: I like making things that help people in some way and I sometimes see negative posts on masto about some of the groups I identify with.

anyone got recommendations for peertube instances (or other decentralized video hosting) that i should join?

is an IBM 4694 considered retro enough for ? Have one that im not sure what to do with

where do i find downloads for the music used at libreplanet?

back34 by Tom PeterCC BY SA
Adventure by CodeManu CC BY
Chippytoon by BBandRage CCBY
Long Away Home by nene (cc0)

what people think of when they hear "going viral":
2014 or something: popular youtube video
2016: pokemon go
2020: COVID

i just thought you all should know that I spent the last few hours trying to fix the home server and it turns out there was a first aid command/menu provided the whole time.

AI hot take 

You know how hard it is to stop squirrels from getting to your bird feeder?

When AI does something we don't want it to, I suspect it will be like that, but much worse.

picture this: a libre version of angry birds where its various fanart versions of an angry tux as the birds and logos of big corporations as the targets

today i read the word gnutella and am now kicking myself for not having thought of matching up the "nu" sound from GNU with the "nu" sound from "nutella" first

promoting a thing some friends are making to help people find COVID vaccines. please boost 

self toot 

@ace now look what you’ve done. You gotten too greedy by trying to create two PDF’s from images at the same time and gone and filled up all your RAM. You realize it would have taken less time to do them one by one on an un-frozen computer than all at once and have it freeze right?

covid vaccine info 

Yo if you’re looking for COVID vaccine info, some friends are putting together a website


someone who made a bunch of money from gamestop went and bought 10 nintendo switches from gamestop and donated them to a local childrens hospital.

hedge funds may be bad, but this is just a mega extra "screw you" to the hedge fund

bird site content 

“Love when a bunch of dorks can scare the ruling class so much they have to do the equivalent of unplugging the console because they got salty from losing”

1. Get into college
2. Enroll in and pay for classes
3. Start class (asynchronous)
4. Download slides
5. Read about how capitalism is bad (from the slides)

Idk this is just amusing for some reason

Like the more you think capitalism bad, the more you see it around you


some time ago: hey, could you send me that video?

Now: hey could you use your MacBook to upload that video to YouTube?

The future: Hey CouldYou MacBook me ThatVideo using YouTube OkayThanksBye

honestly this probably wont make sense to me in 5 minutes, but like after correctly captializing MacBook and YouTube near each other in a document to get rid of the red squiggly line made me thing how a lot of projects and companies use CamelCase now. myself included

simulation theory. existential crisis fuel 

So you know how time travelers are always depicted as having to go back and “fix” the past after they did something that caused them to never be born?

Wouldn’t it be much easier if they had a simulation of time/space/the universe to try things on so they can make sure they won’t cause a paradox before doing it in the real world?


Does anyone get so mad with dependencies sometimes.

Like I have a python API whose dev branch I absolutely cannot pipenv install no matter how much I fuck around with it, and then another project has a library for parsing vcf files that I barely understand (GNU Bison) and it’s not giving me the full value of the multiline photo field but on every other machine I try the SAME MINIMAL EXAMPLE is completely fine.

Kinda want to quit software rn

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