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does this count as annoying 

found another one. this one is not mine (showed up on my yt feed, actually. mildly creepy)

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folding@home: the only REAL antivirus software

Source: youtube comments

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anyone else agree that @wgahnagl should write a how-to guide to protesting while out protesting?

librepunk movie night 

@trashcat @unbecoming @twashcat @ohworm @kOcto @wgahnagl

Been posting this to a bunch of other groups because it’s such a good well-written low-budget movie (and DRM free!)

A man from earth (2007).

Movie night Will be conducted over zoom (sorry). If interested, fill in availability on doodle link below.

I might be disorganized and forget to update this thread with the final time so watch the doodle for updates

the situation in PDX 

so..... they're tear gassing the mayor......

why does this feel like it fits the definition of "military coup" jut a little too closely...

PDX Protests, violence, feds, graphic violence 

so that helicopter i posted about a while ago... seems like PDX is now a test case for the feds coming in and screwing up even more than the portland police already have

snatching people off the street, unmarked vehicles, questionably legal detainment, intimidation etc...

GitHub archive program: burying our racist branch names in a mountain

I think the reason people are hesitant to topple the government is because nobody talks about what happens next.

Suppose deleting government was super easy. How would you convince everyday people that abolishing government will be better than keeping government?

Curious about some of the things that y’all would like to see done instead of government

probably the weirdest idea yet 

Picture this:

In the future, traditional pin tumbler front door locks do not exist.

Instead everyone has a large sheet of glass for a door

The glass is capacitive

To open the door you lick it in a particular way.

Might not stop people stealing your stuff, but at least you get an embarrassing video of them right before they do.

Somebody please stop me before I go write my own email subscription list management tool so I don’t have to deal with manually unsubscribing people...

Everything out there is so damn overkill

military helicopter spotted near protest sites in PDX. boosts++ 

Matte black, marking-less military helicopter spotted in Portland flying super low over the bridges and hovering near locations where large groups typically gather.

Every single school I follow on Instagram seems to have posted about racism in our country and making a point to tell people that they don’t support racism.

Maybe instead of words we need our institutions of education to start taking action to help everyone learn about the ways that they are racist and how they can start challenging those ideas within themselves

Shhhh DONT tell the anarchists on mastodon about the latest LockpickingLawyer video

also, today I learned that a company went bankrupt after being sued for charging people $70 for software that claimed to "double your ram"

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