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folding@home: the only REAL antivirus software

Source: youtube comments

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if i could be anything, i would want to be a small ball of light that floats around. if anyone happened to follow me around, i'd just lead them to someone nearby who could use some help.

as someone who, growing up, knew the word "toot" to be a synonym for "fart" I still laugh internally every time I see or post that word to this platform

million dollar idea 

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million dollar idea 

code shit 

my problem with anarchists on fedi [shitpost] 

tech/networking shitpost 

3/ obviously this is easier said than done, and also not the first time this has been said, but if people nearer the front of the tech curve find ways to reduce barriers and connect the free software to the popular software, we can give more people the ability to choose freely without being locked into stuff that's not secure or invades peoples privacy

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2/ although, i think a good solution to both of these would be to make it easier for free software to interact with the nonfree alternatives (i.e. apps that allow intercommunication between both). While it would involve making free software that supports nonfree software, it would allow individuals to make their own choice of platform without impacting the people they can contact. (and also probably spread awareness indirectly from those friends asking about why they made that choice)

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1/ i'm down to advocate for free software, but I wont:
- recommend a free/libre piece of software in a situation where it will cause more hassle than its worth
- deal with all the "but all my friends/family use XYZ" bullshit

lewd, I also probably made it much worse 

real pipe organs are absolutely massive and expensive; who helps the church pay for them? 


Cmon, everyone knows KGB stands for Known Good Batteries

Covid-19 joke 

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