“Should I pipe it?”

So, fellow developers, you know how we’re all told not to pipe installation scripts into our shells and yet we all do it anyway? I just rolled a little something that might help with that…

Here’s an example of the nvm install script, verified by yours truly:


What do you think?

Anyone with a GitHub account can help verify installation scripts (would be good to have two more for nvm).

Instructions: github.com/small-tech/should-i

Thoughts? :)


@aral I feel like this would be really great as some kind of add-on to your terminal that somehow detects piping to shells and runs the script through a text-based version of this site, displaying the results in the terminal with a prompt to ask the user if they want to continue based on the results.

Then you could promote it as a way to automatically ensure that anything you pipe to shell is safe.

although, it would need to be installable in some way other than piping to shell

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