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madam, you impugn my honor. i would never have a take

hey. here's an internet post for you to read

sometimes when you drink water you can /feel/ the hitpoints returning to your body

*lighting my petard* oh jeez oh gosh oh golly i hope i don't get hoist

don't know much about

don't know much about

but I do know that SCIENCE BOOK
and I know that if you SCIENCE BOOK
what a SCIENCE BOOK this could be

la la la la la la la SCIENCE BOOK ♪

they should really let me go back to sleep when I haven't had enough of it

ink drawing of me with some little blurbs about my life right now around the page. I’m a white trans guy with a bleached buzzcut in a striped, long sleeve, off the shoulder crop top and extra short gym shorts. I have one hand in raptor position and the other positioned like it’s touching a wall. I’m sort of contrapposto and have one shoulder raised to my ear and the other lowered. I have scars on my upper thigh and a suggestion of leg hair. I have a square tattoo on my right thigh, cat ears and a tail. Above me is my name: Reese, my pronouns: he/they (but the “they” is lightly crossed out and the words “kind of” are above it) and my age: 23. On the left are some current facts: going 2 that gym, stinky, and embracing myself. On the right is a little box with music notes coming out of it that says: Haitus Kaiyote, the garden, yebba, and local news legend. In the upper right hand corner are the words “found this sketchbook at the *censored* Michael’s” end image description.

I need fourteen companion rats secreted about my person at all times tbqh

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