madam, you impugn my honor. i would never have a take

i replied to the email, 1 year and 2 days after i received it. i am now at inbox zero

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NEW VIDEO: Coping With Chronic Pain (Part 2: Prevention)

a video where I talk about how to not be in pain

these sorts of informational disability videos don’t perform as well on YT, so comments, shares etc are especially appreciated 💜

you know if it's hot outside but it's not humid and it's a bit windy and there are a bunch of plants around it's kind of nice because there are a lot of interesting smells in the air

A couple years ago we dug a little trench around our gardens and placed chopped wood in the trenches as a little garden-to-grass separator, and because rotting wood nourishes soil, so every time it rains, it gets the wood a little soggy, and a little more rotten.

As a result of the moisture that the wood keeps after rain or watering the garden, these cute mushrooms started growing out of them recently

someone should invent a theremin that works by making air-guitar movements instead

remember, the correct way of capitalizing it is always "POKéMON"

When I was in middle school, I read enders game and I thought it was the coolest goddamn thing. I massively imprinted on it and it was my favorite book for years. I read one essay about it in college and it completely soured me on it. Instantly turned it into an evil piece of literature for me.

I think Orson Scott Card is an evil, evil human, even before we get into his loudly professed horrendous beliefs. The things he puts in his books - the moral subtext of enders game being only one example among many - speak for themselves. And like. He loudly professes some horrible things that would alone qualify him as an evil person.

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I had to dig soooo deep in multiple websites just to figure out what the risk profile is for being unmasked and vaccinated. The CDC says "vaccinated in some areas in some scenarios should mask." WTH does that mean? It turns out the new science is that breakthrough covid cases amongst the vaccinated appear to spread the virus just as much as unvaccinated ppl with the delta variant.

So, vaccinated should mask if they don't want to accidentally kill ppl. Not sure why that info was so hidden.

i have this bad habit where, instead of typing "foobar" as a throwaway string/variable, i'll write "fuckyou"

scanty clothing, weed, brian herbert 

one last dunk and i'll call it a night

""Like a screen test. Then the hackate digitizes the scan of your face and puts it into a remake of A Star Is Born and you get to be the next Judy Garland. Only why do that when the studio's already got Judy Garland? And Barbra Streisand. And Janet Gaynor. And they're all copyrighted, they're already stars, so why would the studios take a chance on a new face? And why take a chance on a new movie when they can do a sequel or a copy or a remake of something they already own? And while we're at it, why not star remakes in the remake? Hollywood, the ultimate recycler!""

-- "Remake"

finally, realistic cyberpunk

so is brian herbert one of those authors like orson scott card who Tor continues to publish just because people recognize the name

watching an old exploitation film about weed 

anyway that's Not a good movie but if for some reason you want to watch it here it is

content warning for lots of and varied drug use, sexual assault, nudity, death, racism

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watching an old exploitation film about weed, fictional death 

it's a little known fact that when drug dealers die, they start leaking Marihuana Cigarettes

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