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madam, you impugn my honor. i would never have a take

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it's a shame we say "gamer" nowadays instead of "gamester"

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you ever just spend a minute staring at 🍞, lost in thought?
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the new pokemon's ability is listed as "gooey/rattled" and buddy, same

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I only heard about stadia twice:

- when it launched
- when it got shut down

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Renaissance painter tip: add two arrows to your horniest twink art and now it's a religious portrait of st sebastian, suitable for hanging in a church or apostolic palace

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hey hi I need gas money and I'm poor 💀 

Hi there!! Okay, so I'm like, $50 behind on where I need to be and I really need to get gas; I have enough to maybe make it to work tomorrow, but after that I'm kinda screwed since I don't get paid until the end of next week. 💀

Any little bit helps!! if you send money, make sure to include your handle or what have you in the note so I can send a thank you message!

CashApp: $wondeerful
uhh that's all I got, sorry!! okay thank you!!

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I did not know,
Did not understand,
Before I met you:

There is no emotion,
No feeling, no mood,
You can't express
By simply
Breathing out.

I have heard them all.

I have made you do
Them all.

I was so proud of some
I so regret some others

Wherever you are,
Breathe on

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what are the most private messaging services?

does any one have any tips / resources about learning to read katakana? it would be useful for me to know but i am having trouble keeping the characters in my head

i imagine they still make it but they also make a real loop pedal too (& there are loads of other loopers of course)

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thinking about that giant green line 6 pedal that had five million delay effects and one looper which was the feature that people actually used

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The best note is the major ninth or second over a minor I chord

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