someone should make a real anarchist cookbook that's just a bunch of recipes for bread

more seriously, a book about making easy, cheap, slow to spoil food, with an eye towards preparing large batches safely to give out to many people, would be a great resource

the bread recipe in Food Not Bombs' Anarchist Cookbook is called "Uprising Bread for The Change We Knead!"

@agafnd I think the food not bombs anarchist cookbook has a bit of this!

@agafnd Another Dinner is Possible is pointed in this direction.

@agafnd there's an "official" food not bombs anarchist cookbook with a section of vegan recipes in it organized by how many people you need to feed

@agafnd ugh chris hedges introduction? really? in 2015??? what the fuck

@agafnd anyway the recipes look alright and are oriented towards commonly-dumpstered food

@_ huh i don't know who chris hedges is. what did he do

@agafnd the real anarchist cookbook is like, your grandma's church potluck community cookbook from 1962

@agafnd or my mom's like... scrapbook of recipes she cut out of magazines, glued to construction paper, and filed in a binder

@tfb this is not the food not bombs book other people were recommending, but it also looks great

@agafnd Yeah, saying "Anarchist Cookbook, but for real" was sure to get you plenty of FNB recommendations, wasn't it?

@agafnd @acdw “Nothing is nearly as anarchic as trusting wild yeast to sour your dough or ferment your kombucha”

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