i've got a guitar with pretty tarnished/oxidized pickups & other metal parts; what's the best way to clean this sort of thing? (:boost_ok:​)

nobody @ me for having flatwound strings on it

@agafnd I don't know what country you're in so I don't know if it's available for you, but brasso is the shit for cleaning metal.
@agafnd I remember using it as a kid to make all the exposed metal on our bikes cartoonishly shiny. I can't remember if you have to use wire wool first or if it'll just work applying it straight on with a cloth. There seems to be plenty of videos about how to use it on youtube that'll help you with that though.

@agafnd I used to clean my cello strings with rubbing alcohol. I use jeweller’s metal polish on the nickel ferrules on my bagpipe. Trick is not to get it on the non-metal parts. Q-tip or toothbrush with a shop towel wrapped around the bristles might work.

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