mastodon.offline, the instance where you have to actually send your posts through the postal system

@agafnd and then you receive a monthly newsletter with all the toots

@agafnd @petiterienne this speed aligns well with the time it takes me to think of a good post

@agafnd you could probably automate it. let the post scan and OCR the letters and receive it as e-mail. then process the e-mail data and send out letters with the posts API

the posts service will costs money, so users will have to pay. but that way the messages might be more valuable

on the other side, rich people can do whatever they want and poor can't participate. not a great system


@davidak idk, this assumes that the letters wouldn't be hand-written

@agafnd Mail individual people postcards with private keys. For anonymity, mail one person a letter containing a message, encrypted for the destination, along with the details about where next to relay the entire letter. Include the whole route, but the identity of each node is secret to everyone except those necessary to carry the message. Congratulations, you're an onion mailer.

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