if you promise to pay for your printer in installments and then fail to do so, what are they supposed to do?

@kolya @theimagecaptioner It's very unlikely they are referring to a payment on a printer itself. I'm not sure how recently you've shopped for a printer, but HP encourages use of a program called "Instant Ink" in its printers (and in some, it's mandatory.) Instant Ink is a monthly subscription service where they will send you ink through the mail. If you stop paying for Instant Ink though, not only will they not send you more ink, they will shut down your printer remotely to stop you from using the ink they already sent you. It requires the printer stays Internet-connected for this reason, and if you're using Instant Ink, it won't operate offline at all.

This is a complaint about an industry that is, like other tech, increasingly moving toward models where you pay rent for a service instead of buying a product.


@kolya @theimagecaptioner note that, to add insult to injury, you have to have bought an HP printer already, which isn't cheap to begin with. It's vendor lock-in writ large.

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