for all that big names on here were eager to accuse maia of being a US intelligence asset based on vibes alone: releasing the federal no-fly list does seem like a pretty weird thing for a US intelligence asset to do

@apisashla not really? I think making the list public (which I'm pretty sure Maia didn't actually do) is more a privacy concern than national security concern. After all, the list is distributed to arbitrary airlines, and presumably, the government doesn't care enough to audit their security to ensure it doesn't get released.

@ear7h no, maia didn't make the list actually public due to the privacy concerns you mentioned, but is letting relatively credible journalists review it - which, like you said, is not a direct threat to national security. but allowing people to verify that, yep, the no fly list is racist, does not seem to be something that immediately aligns with US interests.

I'm sure there could be all kinds of reasons for an asset to do something like this in practice, I just don't think "maia is an op" was ever a credible accusation, and this seems like further confirmation (subjectively, to me.)

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