Idea: mastodon sexy man poll.........or alternatively, sexy woman poll......since mastodon is populated by mainly cat girls

@Sasukecoochieha masto sexy man would be like. ungodly fucked up dude. just extremely difficult to look at but fucks like a champ. masto sexy woman is power from chainsaw man

@apisashla does Spider-Man count as a masto sexyman? Cause he’s gonna be on the poll regardless


@Sasukecoochieha Spider-Man is vibrating between sexiest man alive and completely unfuckable at an unimaginable speed

@Sasukecoochieha I want to elaborate - Spider-Man wears a skintight bodysuit and full-face mask whenever possible and frequently gets into situations where it's ripped and bloody and is incredibly smart and empathetic *and* at the same time has zero self-esteem and poor communication skills and major trouble with planning and memory which leads to a string of failed relationships. Which is such an incredible combination of fuckful and fuckless traits. ADHD king

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