why am I choosing to reinstall a rolling-release distro instead of just modifying it in place?

Anyway, I've re-implemented backlinks, changed the page headers to display the relative done-ness of the post you're looking at, and copyright text has now been replaced with a creative commons license. apisashla.com/

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eye contact 

me: unionizes my workplace
my coworkers at the semiconductor plant:

war, ukraine 

"most highly anticipated military action of the summer" mf is this sports to you? are you surprised that it's actually a war where people die?

on re-reading the first couple chapters of Dracula Daily, I've been forced to reach the disturbing conclusion that, canonically, Dracula just looks like a goth version of this

ok, you all helped me name my laptop, now it's the desktop's turn. off-the-shelf HP Omen 870-244 from several years ago. be nice about the gamer LEDs, she did not choose to be this way

torture but in a video game 

I couldn't find a clip but here is his line so you know I'm not exaggerating. There's no fear in his voice, he's just a little sad

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If it matters to your creative process, it's a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15IIL05 with a 10th gen Intel i5. Looks like this

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when a customer wants to buy a cable to connect whatever two random-ass devices they assume should be able to talk to each other

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