*looking up at an American flag on top of a nearby building that seems to be tearing itself apart on its own flagpole* yeah,

attention librepunks: do you want to start your own podcast? 

@trash_cat I was planning on making a podded cast about sonic hedgehog with my siblings but that fell through :( maybe I will have something else to talk about someday

@wgahnagl I think Kim's interesting because it's not that Kim does not have principles or isn't willing to defend them, but that his method for determining the fights he thinks he can win is incomprehensible to everyone including himself

@wgahnagl idk whether you have met Jean but I think Jean would put it on Kim's car just to irritate him

@wgahnagl I think it's specifically Harry he gives a lot of leeway, for better or worse

@wgahnagl ok the first thing is fair but Kim has a whole monologue about how cops cannot be allowed to have repeating pistols so I think it's fair to say he does not think blue lives matter

@cerena I am not autistic (as far as I'm aware) but this is my first time hearing about the concept of a chewy necklace and that sounds baller, I need one

@sweetmercury if the implication is that kids in the 70s would not have cooked chicken in nyquil that is just a lie

war, ukraine 

"most highly anticipated military action of the summer" mf is this sports to you? are you surprised that it's actually a war where people die?

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a surrealist musician called harmonious bosch

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*wonderwall voice* -but I never really had a doubt,
I don't believe that anybody fucked a cube for clout,

@agafnd iirc the film was shot in both Comanche and English, but the original actors fully voiced the all-Comanche dub

@gwenprime I still use messenger once in a blue moon and I just tried, it doesn't work :(

@gwenprime aw I miss that emoji, haven't been on facebook in a bit

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the country where cops kill more people than any other place on earth should restore justice by allowing raytheon to kill and displace millions of innocents

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people demanding to invade iran because their cops killed someone is like, beyond parody

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