@Sasukecoochieha Spider-Man is vibrating between sexiest man alive and completely unfuckable at an unimaginable speed

@lichwitch *Dr. Claw voice* go go penis... gadget imploder! hahahahahaa

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@Sasukecoochieha masto sexy man would be like. ungodly fucked up dude. just extremely difficult to look at but fucks like a champ. masto sexy woman is power from chainsaw man

@shoofle *Mitch Hedberg voice* Shoofle is blurry and that is the problem

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if she's ur wife why is she falling asleep on my shoulder on the train ride back from new jersey where we were seeing monster trucks?

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time to post again the best user interface i've ever seen

@s0 all power corrupts. absolute Power over Ethernet corrupts absolutely over Ethernet

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schools are like: nazis were so bad they burned books. no specific books. they just liked burning books. here's a picture of unspecified books being burned.

@emi I met some of the worst people I have ever known through a political debate group for bronies on facebook and I wish I was joking about any of that sentence

@emi ok as someone who used to be in this fandom back in my weirdo libertarian phase in hs I absolutely understand people's bad experiences there. with that said the show is fun and I should go back and watch the later seasons probably

@wgahnagl as with a lot of things, "I guess? Technically?"

respirator discussion 

@emi thank you for the updated info, I didn't know!


@emi I had read previously that respirators were not medically effective in preventing covid spread because their purpose is to prevent exposure to particulate matter and fumes instead of infection? there might be new research though

subtoot, petty 

The more people I see getting assmad that maia's no fly list acquisition got memeified and reported in the news, the closer I am to uncritical support for the kitty cat hacker agenda (which I guess I was pretty close to anyway.) If you think it wasn't cool enough to justify the attention, maybe consider doing something cooler idk

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Customer: MOUSEGRL

Verdict: DENIED

@shoofle I have docs with the tumblr shoelaces that I wear whenever I need to advertise that I have made questionable decisions with my time

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The CDC estimates 1 in 6 people are being Ratatouilled

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it was me, i am the reason you are fighting to stay cis. when no one was looking, i poured chemicals in the timeline that turn you trans. there's no point resisting

for those of you not on tumblr please know that maia's tumblr has blown the fuck up in the last few days and singlehandedly sparked a new wave of microlabel discourse. I am living for this

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