Biden cares more about fictional police brutality in Cuba than the countless examples in the US

Carriers locking a phone's bootloader should be a crime

i hate when i'm in a catholic church and they come around with the collection plate and i say, "you take crypto?", and they look at me like *i'm* the asshole

Now its just working again?? I haven't touched any settings since my last attempts to fix it, I just let it sit in the corner for a few hours.
Computers are all cursed.

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It's totally natural for facebook to try to steamroll governments into giving out free facebook internet. In their minds people and governments don't have any agency only technology does.

There is literally no political or social context that is not completely leapfrogged by technology. That's why the internet fixes everything.

True fact: you can't starve if you have internet. I tried it once on myself and didn't even get very hungry.

I see you have problems, but you also have access to technology which should have inevitably overcome any and all problems of any nature for some reason. Curious.

type of guy who sends his parents 30 minute video essays he made refuting articles they share on facebook

If Bezos blows up Im gonna celebrate every July 20 with bbq and fireworks

If nazis occupied my France I would simply choose to be radically free until the war was over.

Wasting my life setting up technology to be perfectly convenient and then never using it.

the solution out of this is to redefine what work means until minimum wage fast food workers are 'lazy' for 'not having a real job', yet jeff bezos the guy who started his company on money borrowed from his parents and has only ever pissed into a bottle as a sex thing feels secure in lecturing people who he regularly makes do that nonconsensually about 'work-life balance'

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So I guess the past 200 years or so of exploitation by the bourgeoisie was really just down to our bad manners and poor attitude.

We have self help books now so I guess it's time for everyone to just become rich and stop doing subaltern edgy political stuff. Oh well.

A stove whose heating element is a processor and the way you set the heat and time is you choose a 3d image to render.

What is the correct number of chuggas before a choo choo

A way to collectively complain about YouTube's fascist creating recommendation algorithm.
Mozilla Foundation - RegretsReporter

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