Creating and selling gadsden flags with an italicized /me/

I figured out what bugs me about CPG Grey: His videos tend to subvert real problems with liberal solutions:

Roads suck, but self-driving cars won't fix them, we need infrastructure design that doesn't demand everyone use roads for everything

We're exhausted all the time not because of a two-day weekend, but because we're being aggressively exploited.

Voting is fucked, but even if the system we used were perfectly representative, PoC, prisoners, and more are still being suppressed

Rightist bs 

Creating movies where kids brutalize each other and act like I am the one that's not weird.

Body horror 

Using a time machine to smuggle myself and copious amounts of poprocks and soda back to the 15th century, then stealing something and deliberately getting caught and ingesting said poprocks and soda before my public execution, so that when I am anatomized by stuck up bourgies later I explode fantastically thus dealing a blow to the early capitalist elite as a form of class struggle.

you mean to tell me there's some kind of a connection between cold war red scare propaganda and the us military

to join our polycule you must agree to deposit all your bodily fluids (cum piss blood) in our central bodily fluid silo. we use a blockchain-based technology to ensure the security of the silo so you need to download electron first

Transforming my flesh and blood into capital as a cool Halloween trick.

Don't get me wrong even if the boat had worked, I don't think their bitcoin utopia would have been realized.

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Can't wait till a generation that has it better comes along and I get to act better than them for having survived everything. conclusion it was in the first instance the introduction of agriculture that led to the social construction of property and therefore champa rice should be held liable for the pack of "stolen" donuts your honor.

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Arguing a hard technological determinist defense in my own criminal trial.

communists win elections in austria, ghost of hitler btfo

Desperately arguing with the vacuum that continuous exposure to loud noises won't affect my hearing but it just keeps drowning me out.

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