Laptop Brands with GNU/Linux Preinstalled (2):

Boost is very appreciated.

Respects Your Freedom:





Respects Your Freedom

Similar software freedom refurbished brands:



See also the (1) post above.

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clothes shopping; juvenile and gay 

performance bottoms

Episode 14! In this episode of trash cat tech chat, Juliana and I talk about XMPP, Snikket and running an XMPP server, and XMPP clients.

My audio in this episode and the next episode is worse than usual. Sorry about that. I configured my mic badly and didn't realize until I was editing post-recording.

death mention 

The toxic airborne event has me pretty upset that I will maybe die in the next 40-50 years

Episode 13! TakeV and I pick up from last week's episode and this time talk about software projects popular among privacy advocates which aren't primarily about a cryptocurrency but somehow involve one.

Episode 12 is now out! On this trash cat tech chat, trash cat and TakeV talk about cryptocurrencies and the privacy implications thereof (along with non-privacy-specific cryptocurrency trash talk).

terrible websites 

!bing many ways to say "can be racist on our site" as possible without actually saying it.

disrupting the tech industry (fundamentally altering the social processes that constitute technology as a business)

Blasting off the last capitalist to mars with the rocket he sold me

I can finally capture links for emails and searches in notmuch. When searching the internet didn't work I just read the documentation for org-link-parameters. This feels so good, like I could solve any problem with C-h (f|v|m).

bird site 

I'm reading in Japanese that posting links to mastodon instances will get you banned or warn you about dangerous urls.

I don't know who needs to hear this but the gentoo linux wiki has a good SELinux tutorial.

liberal news outlets stop framing the rise of the alt-right as "we just need to teach people to get along better" and start saying what's really going on: there's an unchecked rise in mainstream Nazism in america facilitated by our outright refusal to treat it like what it is

cw: kissing the reader, as a bit 

*kisses you in a propagandistic homosexual way*

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