It's been a bit over a month since I last posted, and I don't really plan to fully return. But I wanted to share something I made 4 years ago as of tomorrow. I made it out of frustration with the state of the world, and feeling the need to add something good to it. I feel that it is more relevant than ever today. Please be kind to yourself and those around you. And go vote.

I think I'm done here. Y'all are cool. But I spend too much time frustratedly scrolling, trying to find some kind, casual conversation, just to find anger or more frustration from people screaming into the same void as me. I might change my mind and come back, but idk. It'd prob be under a different account though, this one just doesn't feel right anymore.

I wanna understand more about the changes people are calling for (BLM, anarchy, sustainable living) but I know books don't work for me. And going to protests sounds terrifying to me. Does anyone have any music or podcasts or anything audible that I should listen to? Particularly music.

Please boost. I don't think my direct network has enough diversity to get enough first hand recommendations.

Also, please CW recommendations heavily. I dont have a strong stomach for violence.

I love this. I really would love to have an pet familiar with me. Like robot, mythical, or just a puppy.

Rant on people intolerant of enbies 

People denying the existence or validity of nonbinary people annoys me. Like, okay, fine, I wasn't AFAB, but I'm not def not "manly". So like, I dont fit the typical binary. So then maybe I'm nonbinary? Oh wait, that "doesnt exist" and I'm being "unrealistic" and "petty" by trying to be comfortable with myself? Maybe its the people trying to cling to an antiquated societal norm and force us into boxes for their own comfort that are being unrealistic and petty.

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mh - 

aaaaa tired, unfocused, and angry at myself. Feeling completely useless rn. Which sucks, cause I need to be useful to continue getting paid.

Late Stage Capitalism Bullshit 

Why the heck do I need to put my SSN on a list to stop getting junk mail and spam calls?? This isn't some random site either. It was at the bottom of a personalized GEICO letter.

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Microsoft is about to shut off its ebook DRM servers: "The books will stop working"

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I listened to one music video of one of those Earth Wind and Fire parody mashups, and now its the only thing YouTube will recommend me! Its like they looked at my music taste and went "huh, we dont have that... OH you like memes! WE HAVE THOSE!"

I need recommendations for YouTube Music alternatives. I have a massive offline library, but the hard part is discovery of new stuff. Which, YouTube has a broad collection of. Especially Pomplamoose, they are so good.


more news coming up right after this word from our sponsors.

Everything is fine.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


mh, + then - 

I had my first day at a new job today! Things went pretty okay! Still feeling like I didn't get enough done today though. Idk why, I've done plenty.

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apparently a colonist had a farm and he was so shit at farming that he depleted literally all of the topsoil and created a fucking desert in the middle of Maine. Incredible.

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How come I feel not okay when good things are happening?

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