I've repeated this a couple times but I've been on estrogen for four days where are my massive fucking momma milky honkers

I guess this calls for another impromptu "not at 3am for once" update.

I am dying inside. Hard. I'm working at a Cumberland Farms but I'm still job and house hunting. I've applied to transfer to a community college because I really can't afford to go back to RIT at the moment. I've gotten more involved in the fgc than I already was. Guilty Gear is fun, hitting people with a giant key is more fun, hitting them repeatedly is the most fun.

Oh yeah! I've been on HRT since the 9th
So all in all pog

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smashing a bottle of piss on my desk to christen a new discord server

I finally have a two monitor setup again. I should probably set up my twitch and stream something, idk

Damn I need to be original my tag that I use for everything else uses my preferred name (HenArten) but for here I use my surname (mainly because I created this account before I was really settled on a preferred name and the aforementioned lack of self worth/interest

I'm still so-so when it comes to social media, I've never been one to really share or document my life because for a very long time I didn't really consider myself that interesting, I just did a lot. Now it feels like I barely do anything but I post anyway. What are opinions? Do mine matter? To who? What is me? What defines me? How am I described beyond "nice" or "friend"? I feel like I'm doing this wrong but I've never been really sure what "right" is to begin with. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

Update in the AM.

What is sleep? I have a job now, part time at a convenience store near me, the manager is getting relocated and it looks like half the people quit before I got here for various reasons, they're really desperate though, so at least I have a job again. Also I managed to get recruited by a Dutch Smash crew as their first Rivals of Aether player... despite not being Dutch, or in the EU. Also please play Rivals of Aether I love this game with a burning passion aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

A life update but it isn't 3am, what a surprise.

I sadly went 0-2 in the RCS Finals, but it's fine, there's always next time. I got a fucking call back from the first place I applied to, again, so now I have a meeting for that on Friday. Hopefully I have a job again. Today I went back to college to grab my stuff because unfortunately I don't have the funds to continue going there at the moment, so leave of absence it is. Hopefully this year gets better, 2020 is behind me, I can't take more shit

2-3am posting, the sequel.

Put in another job application today, maybe someone will actually respond this time. Looking forward to the Rivals (of Aether) Championship Series Finals, I don't know if I'll get very far, but other people have confidence in me so I figured it's worth a shot. I've been struggling with motivation ever since my now extended break has started and I really wish I knew how to fix that. Time to take a shower and try and go to bed at a semi-reasonable time for fucking once.

Believe it or not I am still alive. Expect me to say something slightly less or more stupid in the significant future. This has been Hen's irregularly scheduled 3am word vomit please stab me.

Happy New Month.

Job hunting has been going alright. A convenient store has it's eyes set on me and I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow.

Alright so the need for noodle has gone too far. I'm dipping into my funds out of desperation. $12.50 better get me a whole bucket of Lo Mein or I will cry

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💜 Non-binary does not necessarily mean androgynous
💛 It's okay to question your gender identity
🤍 It's okay if your pronouns change
🖤 Your feelings are legitimate

- College said that the Computer Science Major is full (but that's fine)
- Job hunting is hard
- My hair is it's natural color again
- Spotify still manages to figure out what songs I like
- ATLA is the greatest example of western animation of all time
- I finished Jojo part 5
- I am starting to read Homestuck (this may or may not be a mistake)
- I am also starting to read part 6 of Jojo (definitely a mistake for everything other than Foo Fighters)
- Seriously Araki that's a major plothole I me-

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Oh yeah other announcements about the past 2 months of my life that slightly matter (but not really).
- I'm a Robin main in Smash Ultimate now (hehe funny book)
- I'm a Shovel Knight main in Rivals of Aether now (hehe funny anchor)
- I'm a Medic main in TF2 now (hehe funny supporting the team)
- Celeste is hard, but I beat it.
- Celeste postgame is harder and my hands are crying.
- Drawing is hardest and my hands are *still* crying
- I can't draw hands and I'm crying

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