developing a typing quirk so that people know i'm autistic and queer

Covid, long (tl;dr it might get worse) 

Everyone keeps talking about how covid is/will evolve to be less severe. I want to add one opinion to the pile saying that the evolutionary pressure is going in the opposite direction.

There are reasons for diseases to be severe. If you can't take care of yourself it forces people into contact with you, look at how much spread happens in hospitals. The more sick we are the more contact we have to have with people. This means the more chances for the disease to spread.

This is typically mitigated by us doing things like being more careful around people who are sick. This is pushed towards even being harmful to spread if people actively go out of their way to avoid others while they are sick. This is not how things are going right now.

Right now people are actively ignoring the existence of covid on a massive scale, saying it is over and that it is less severe so can be ignored. That is exactly how we give it being severe an evolutionary advantage. This means that no matter how sick people are they are likely to go out and interact with others. In that situation the more someone coughs the more the spread covid, because nobody cares to avoid them. If people can't isolate after getting covid, or can't even isolate while they have it the person who is sick the longest will spread it the most. The more contact a sick kid needs from their parents the more likely they are to all get it.

This stuff isn't this black and white. Evolution doesn't have to follow these specific pressures, especially in the short term, but everyone telling you it can only get less severe from here is lying to you and actively trying to put you in danger. Keep wearing your mask, upgrade it to a respirator even. This could get very much worse before it gets better.

#Coronavirus #COVID #COVID19 #Pandemic #CovidIsNotOver

Cropped selfie video 

I was hoping it would end somehow, but I guess it didn't. Depending on your browser/os combo, the link might make you download it to watch it. It's approximately 9 MB in size.

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Cropped selfie video 

Video caption: me wearing my brainwave cat ears. The video is cropped to show only the top of my head and above. The ears have white colored fur, and pinkish inside area. During the video, the right ear twitches most of the time, and towards the end both ears rotate together, then after a second in that position they rotate back.

I feel like Right to Repair needs to include "right to update the thing to use third party servers" or something like that. We're creating e-waste just by preventing FW updates to point my litter box at anything but a hard coded URL signed by some keys that'll expire in a few years.

Things that are for the public good should be nationalized. Yes that includes things like electricity, water, heating, public transit, healthcare, and internet access.

And instead of my taxes going to corporations it would go towards that.

Also tax the fucking rich

I realized a terrible thing

I really enjoy Linux because it gives me more agency and control over vital operations than my physical body every would. You're not really in control unless you're able to just turn vital systems on and off at will

[Splatoon 3]

Slightly late (whoops), but an all random weapons rotation is taking place now.

The stage is Marooner's Bay, and the rare weapon is the Grizzco Splatana.

December's monthly bonus gear is the Astro Helm.

For times in your time zone:

There has been a lot of research about autistics over the years, but this one really took the cake! 🍰

Find out what happened when researchers attempted to compare the moral compass of autistic and non-autistic people... (1/2)

#actuallyautistic #autism #neurodivergence #comic #art #MastoArt

DON’T FORGET: “Elon Musk admitted to his biographer that the reason the #Hyperloop was announced—even tho he had no intention of pursuing it—was to try to disrupt the California high-speed rail project to get in the way of that actually succeeding.” — @parismarx @Gizmodo
#cities #Urbanism #ElonMusk #transportation #HighSpeedRail #publictransit

(stolen from idr who/where)

"Dynamic typing is the false belief that you understand your program's type system, just not well enough to explain it to the computer."

what if OSHA/labor rights inspectors had the latitude and protection that cops do

"yeah this workplace looks sus, boss, you are personally fined $69,420 and have to wear this chastity belt for 18 months, no you cannot talk to my supervisor"

"you can't prove that I used an illegal wiretap to ding you for wage theft, your execution is still on for tomorrow"

"pssst. the new girl. do you think she's… y'know."

"i actually don't know."

"a friend of BLÅHAJ."

"not following."

"on the nyaautism spectrum."

"lost me."

"witch bait?"


"do her thigh-highs match her respirator?"

"ohhhhh. yeah. we should probably say hi."

massive fan of how pokemon decided to make a major character representation for the type of extremely online anarchist girl with a living space consisting of cardboard boxes, a server rack, and a desk

It's happening!!!

Tabletop Club, a free and open-source tabletop board game simulator, is now in beta, and available to download from @itchio ! 🎉

#FOSS #GameDev #BoardGames #Simulator #GodotEngine

Less than 20% of autistic adults are in full-time employment. Many of us drop out of the workforce after just a few years. Why is that?

Let's talk about Autistic Burnout!

#ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergence #MastoArt #Comic #Comics

Here's one for the Cursed Computer Iceberg page, @suricrasia:

« With our extremely linear history, the first commit in a repo hash a hash that starts with 0000000, the second commit is 0000001, the third is 0000002, and so on!

Incremental version numbers makes it easy to talk about revisions. You immediately know that version 230 comes after 200, and if you create 10 new versions per day, it's easy to have an intuition for how old a commit is based on your current latest version. »

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