Thinking about ways to sell my soul to capitalism for transition/other medical money


Step 1, fix 3d printer
Step 2, learn the entire CAD thing
Step 3, print prints for money
Step 4, lost all of that money paying for CAD software

@wgahnagl I've actually done a decent job of breaking even so far! (somehow)

@wgahnagl What's burning me out is, FreeCAD can only do so much before crashing and OpenSCAD is hell when I can't like, *visualize* what I'm trying to make

@wgahnagl I think it's called aphantasia or something? But it makes parametric modeling really difficult.

@wgahnagl I've looked around, but the answer is often like a "Yes and no"

If I remember right, the people I talked to had a bad time trying to get it to export properly manifold meshes for slicing

and I've only ever used Blender for fiddling with VRchat models :blobcatmeltcry:

@wgahnagl OH wait I did try it

I made a calibration cube to test but since blender likes "units" rather than inches or millimeters, I accidentally exported a microscopic cube

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