weeellll i might be working on really cool stuff rn.
its eating up all my time. :3

but i'm doing my part to fight covid.

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EU viker ned sig för techbolagen: ”Total kapitulation”

EU-kommissionens nya strategi för AI och data kommer leda oss mot ett ojämlikt, odemokratiskt och totalövervakat samhälle, menar cyberrättsaktivisten Aral Balkan.

(Paywall) etc.se/utrikes/eu-viker-ned-si

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A highly dangerous virus called "Weekly Overload Recreational Killer"(WORK) is currently going around.

If you come in contact with this WORK virus, you should immediately go to the nearest "Biological Anxiety Relief" (BAR) center to take Anxiety Relief" (BAR) center to take antidotes known as "Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract" (WINE), "Radioactive UnWORK Medicine"(RUM), "Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER), "Vaccine Official Depression Killing Antigen"(VODKA).

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We've got an amazing opportunity to lead our technical projects team. Join EFF and use your career to make the Internet of tomorrow more free, private, and resistant to censorship. eff.org/opportunities/jobs/dir

TW/CW mortality 

finally some of the bestest peeps on the 'net are coming over to teh mastodon.

working on a new 3d model today, getting sidelined anything and everything.
otoh it could be last week, where i got nothing done what so ever.

Got stuck in one of the most idiocy inducing threads on birdsite yesterday.
As anyone could guess, men top infidelity stats.
A person wrote about it, i wrote "men in general, suck"
of course someone (a man) took the opportunity to chime in, guess what he wrote?

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do you find mutual funds, writing wills, or passing the EMT test too difficult? do I have some magnetic plastic for you!

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With all shared pop culture now being owned by a handful of megacorps, maybe it's time people started deliberately making more open source characters anyone can use and build on.
Like slender Man, but for every genere.

I mean, we already have all of mythology and 19th century litrature characters,
But I would love to see entirely new stuff. The return of cultural stories. Collective folk characters for the current world.

#opensource #litrature #folkstories #mythology #copyleft

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With Trump supporters buying out Twitter, the answer is not to somehow create the "Progressive Twitter." That's not possible! We need regulated, standard protocols and the personal ability to moderate our network. We need to have public/communal ownership of a federated internet.

thought i'd just ask @wgahnagl is there no federation between librepunk and witches.live? :/

So yeah, the news about the trump-surrogate buying twitter got me back on mastodon.
and i guess we're stuck with this shithole situation where they'll just buy platforms outright and do their "thing"

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