I quit my abusive job 

Allisa had the nerve to be like “well I’m not the boss. Dr. Mason is the boss. You you have to tell her that you’re leaving without a two weeks and hand her a note.”

Knowing damn well she would scream at me and humiliate me in front of the whole office.

I said “Okay” and walked out anyway. Like, what are you going to do? 🙄

I quit my abusive job 

Btw the name of the veterinary office that abused the shit out of me is Lakeway Veterinary Hospital I’m Medford Oregon. Dr. Kristen Mason likes to make a regular habit of yelling at her employees, making them cry in the back, insulting them, making shitty condescending remarks. She also talks mad shit about her clients.

I quit my abusive job 

“jUsT sO yOu kNoW, qUiTtIng wiTH ouT givINg 2 wEeKs nOtIce iS fRowNeD uPoN. DoNT eXpEcT a gOOd ReFerEncE frOM hErE.”

lmao okay allisa. 👍🏽


I quit my abusive job 

Mason really said to me “I need my life to be easier and not more stress. I know you want to take on more responsibilities but you can’t even get the basics and it’s just not working.”

That’s because you offer me no guidance except to scold and yell at me, I’m terrified to talk to you, you make me feel stupid for asking questions, and snap at me for the most innocuous things. Not exactly ideal for a learning environment.

But if I’m just making more stress for you and have done nothing but make your life harder, then I’ll just leave. Solves both our problems, right? If I can’t do anything right, and I can’t perform the job to your standards, then I’ll just leave. You said it yourself: It’s not working.

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