Ex-job drama, the epilogue 

Still shaking off the effects of working in that horrible place. Tried hard not to let those people affect my self image and self esteem but after spending a little more than two months being treated like I was stupid and a burden and a fuck up, I think it messed with my head. It’s been two days since I walked out and I’m still shaking off the residual anxiety. Terrified it’s gonna come back to bite me.

We’re in Portland now. I need a week far away from that place and those people where I don’t even run a chance of running into them. One of my ex-coworkers lives in the apartment directly below me. It’s Becky, one of the more shitty ones there. I do not want to see or speak to her ever again.


Ex-job drama, the epilogue 

Before we came to Portland we dropped off my dog, Leo, at the pet resort and I had to update his emergency card. I told them to take Lakeway Vet Hospital off of his card and under no circumstances to send him there. If anything happens, and to just send him to the ER if anything happens because I don’t trust Dr. Mason as far as I could throw her.

The guy there told me they had been hearing a lot of bad things from that place from a lot of people and that they were planning on cutting off all partnership with them. It made me feel better to know I wasn’t alone. Apparently that particular clinic and Dr. Mason have a declining reputation.


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