Self affirmation; work anxiety 

You will not put up with workplace abuse. You will leave the FIRST time your manager insults you, raises their voice, or makes a snide comment. The second you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, the second you are made to feel small, you are walking out.

Selfie;job searching;interview day 

I hate business casual. Not sure how they feel about tattoos or septum piercings so took it out and covered my tats just in case.

I think I look good, even if there is no way to give a business casual outfit personality. EVEN if I look like the personified version of a gentrified bodega.

Y’all… look what I found on yellow pages. 7-10 people before me have walked out on this hag. Holy fucking shit. Before you ask, no this is not an exaggeration. This is exactly the work environment I dealt with for 2 months. It was hell.

Went to a park in Ashland today. It’s good to recall moments like these. Ambience of people around, running water, music. It’s nice. It’s good to be reminded that sometimes being alive is pretty nice.

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