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I quit my abusive job 

Btw the name of the veterinary office that abused the shit out of me is Lakeway Veterinary Hospital I’m Medford Oregon. Dr. Kristen Mason likes to make a regular habit of yelling at her employees, making them cry in the back, insulting them, making shitty condescending remarks. She also talks mad shit about her clients.

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I quit my abusive job 

Allisa had the nerve to be like “well I’m not the boss. Dr. Mason is the boss. You you have to tell her that you’re leaving without a two weeks and hand her a note.”

Knowing damn well she would scream at me and humiliate me in front of the whole office.

I said “Okay” and walked out anyway. Like, what are you going to do? 🙄

Last of the work drama saga 

Easily the worst place I have ever worked

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Work drama again, am I going crazy? 

I even remember writing down the names of all four packs. I remember there were two minor and two regular packs. If I say someone is trying to sabotage me I’ll sound crazy. I sound crazy to myself. What the fuck is happening?

I’m having an emotional breakdown from this, haha.

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Work drama again, am I going crazy? 

Yesterday I distinctly remember wrapping four surgery packs. I put two in the autoclave and two on the shelf to be put in next. At the end of my shift, one of the surgery packs I put on the shelf was missing.

Doctor found all of the instruments in the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

I distinctly remember counting out 8 cloth wraps and 8 surgery towels. I know I wrapped all four.

I got in trouble and now we might not have enough packs for surgery day…

This job is either stressing me so much I’m hallucinating, or someone is sabotaging me.

Either way, I can’t fucking work this job anymore.

Becky really tried to say my septum looks like a bull’s ring to try and jab at my appearance today 🙄 honey, idk how to tell you, my appearance is literally the one thing Im not sensitive about. I know I’m prettier than you. You’re not going to convince me otherwise. I literally did modeling.

Went to a park in Ashland today. It’s good to recall moments like these. Ambience of people around, running water, music. It’s nice. It’s good to be reminded that sometimes being alive is pretty nice.

Yet again more work drama 

Becky stole my NB pin off my bag because she’s a bigot on top of everything else.

Work drama, depression 

I’m really beginning to hate this job. Which sucks because I really want to go into vet medicine. I’m hoping as I get more settled in it will get easier. But tbh I’m seriously looking around for other places to work. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever escape this dynamic until I move out of this awful fucking town.

More work drama 

Why the fuck does Becky care how many hours other people work. Literally mind your own business. You are so fucking sad and annoying. No one cares that you work 70 hours. Do you want a fucking medal?

Work drama 

Told on Catty Becky today (same one who bitches about having kids. She shunted all of her closing work on me yesterday so she could go out and smoke. I was not about to let her blame me for everything being unfinished. Apparently this wasn’t the first time she’s done something like this. Can wait for Doctor to yell at someone else for a change.

Work drama 

Having a coworker who thinks they’re a mean girl in high school is exhausting. She’s legit really mad because I look younger than her despite being older than her, and I don’t have kids. How do I know? Because she brings these facts up in a passive aggressive manner every chance she gets. She’s so fucking annoying. No one cares that you age like milk and had a baby at 21. Shut the fuck ip.

Sneaking out the back door before Doctor can berate me for something else and find 12 microscopic chores for me to do to keep me here

Work. Stress. Bad. 

I am now upgraded from anxious, to anxious and nauseated.

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Work. Stress. Bad. 

Particularly exhausting day. A coworker encouraged me to confide in them when she saw me panicking about not finishing something at work. I stupidly told them I believed the doctor disliked me (I did not mention anything about racism) she went and told The Doctor.

This morning The Doctor then angrily berated me this morning about not disliking me (thanks I’m really feeling the love doc), and told me to stop telling her staff that. I am now totally reassured and don’t at all feel isolated, unheard, and miserable.

15 ways you can help people seeking a still-legal but challenging path to abortion right now:

Arkansas Abortion Support Network

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Kentucky Health Justice Network 

New Orleans Abortion Fund

Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund

Missouri Abortion Fund

North Dakota Women In Need Abortion Access Fund

Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

South Dakota Access for Every Woman Fund

Memphis Center for Reproductive Health

Fund Texas Choice

Utah Abortion Fund

Pro-Choice Wyoming

Yellowhammer Fund

The Brigid Alliance

#AbortionIsHealthcare #RoeVWade

Current events. Optimistic.

I encourage you to read this article and maybe pick up the “Handbook for Post-Roe America” by Robin Marty

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