I don't just want the source code, I want the destruction of the software proprietor(s).

So the only real solution to make that happen is reimplimenting it in a "legal" way according to US copyright.

Hi there. Some of you may recall that a while ago I asked if anyone would be interested in a series about lesser known spyware companies/brands. The response was very positive, and I'm pleased to announce that work on the first video in the series has begun. I mentiond that my inital target woule be "Honey," a spyware browser extension, but that aspect has changed. I've found a much more repulsive company as my first target. Production won't be fast, but it is happening. Cheers!

#Minifree is a casualty of the #COVID19 pandemic and #LeahRowe needs financial help to dig herself out of the hole it's left her in. Anyone need to employ an experienced software and hardware hacker who ran her own business for long enough to really value having managers doing it for her, so she can focus on the stuff she's good at?

For aspiring hardware architects or people interested in reverse engineering, the Verilog for AMD's upcoming GPUs was leaked, including the Verlilog for the upcoming Xbox One X's GPU. Could be a major boost for people trying to get Free Software running on the system, or just generally for libre drivers and AMDs upcoming architecture. Got DMCA'd, but it's still out there, though I won't link for obvious reasons.

there's a new sudosatirical.com post
"new user declares self safe from "

Right, I 've never posted my profile pic 👀

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