where are the leftist software packages? nearly all of them start with "lib" and i've never seen any package called "soc" or "ana" something

tfw you don't have a programming project you wanna work on, so instead you existential crisis

the,re is a concept in japanese culturre wehre a bowl is comsiderde more beuatifull when it has been broken and fixed,, look up futanari

anyone know of an open-registration index site? i've got some stuff I wanna get out there, but it looks like most are closed or broken rn.

tpb, 1337x, lime, newkatcr, no dice on any of them

looking at how a nerd organizes their files is unironically incredibly intimate and revealing

don't look over my shoulder at the file manager, heck off

i'm non-binary and by that i mean i don't understand both gender and compiled code

looking forward to telling this joke again in a year when i learn binary reverse engineering

#Minifree is a casualty of the #COVID19 pandemic and #LeahRowe needs financial help to dig herself out of the hole it's left her in. Anyone need to employ an experienced software and hardware hacker who ran her own business for long enough to really value having managers doing it for her, so she can focus on the stuff she's good at?

Right, I 've never posted my profile pic 👀

☀️ Amaterasu, the Shining Light ☀️
(from SMITE)

#pixelart #mastoart #art

☠️ librepunk ☠️

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