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looking for guests for my podcast 

Hi, trash cat (they/them) here. I do this cool podcast called trash cat tech chat. I'm looking for guests who want to have a 30-60 minute chat with me about something related to privacy.

Here are some ideas for topics I think would be worth discussing:

  • private messaging
  • cryptography
  • account security
  • free software/open source (applications and operating systems)
  • social media (privacy on the Fediverse, privacy on mainstream social media)
  • more private alternatives to software/services (getting away from Google, etc.)
  • using privacy-invasive things more safely
  • phones and privacy (that's a whole can of worms)
  • privacy and (in)convenience (when is it convenient? when is it inconvenient? what can we do to make it easier?)
  • privacy news/current events

If you'd like to talk about any of those or something else related to privacy, please send me a message! (You must pass a vibe check. It helps if you're queer, etc.)

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chilly willy's frozen custard, detail, wharf street, saint louis, missouri, 1988

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trash cat tech chat is a podcast about privacy. Each episode, trash cat sits down with a guest to have a chat about something related to digital privacy.

Check it out here: podcast.librepunk.club/tctc/

Follow it in your podcatcher:

Also on :tor:​ at wkj7pixb56knx2zque3ljwcvr6dzix

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new podcast episode! 

if trash cat tech chat is so good, how come there's no trash cat tech chat 2?

oh wait, there is! i just published the second episode of my privacy podcast! this one was recorded with @ear7h and talks about how the internet works, why it's insecure (because it wasn't designed with security in mind), and how we hack privacy and security onto it.


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what you've been referring to as linux is actually linux linux with linux linux

I watched Dune 

I stg if I watch another sci fi film where a quirked up white boy is "the one" I'm gonna lose my shit

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Could you please advise
who the inventor of the
auto muffler was

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hi, i'm trash cat, and as of just now, i'm the host of a podcast about privacy.


Very cool that the most used mysql driver for node does escaping on the client side and doesn't have support for prepared statements

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Fun bugs I've found so far:

  • typedefs with "int" prefix (ex. "integrator_t") are always interpreted as "int"
  • functions with name > 24 chars and certain errors cause the compiler to crash
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Today on OpenCL driver bugs: clang segfault :deadinside:

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