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i changed my name but i feel the need to disclaim: fuck people who use "Transsexual" as a gatekeeping term

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on one hand, it's probably bad optics as an anarchist for my pfp to be a pony with a spiked baseball bat.

on the other, i look sick as fuck with a spiky bat

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i can't pin other people's toots to my profile, but i'd like to make it clear that this toot by @vyr is unequivocally my gender

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yeah, you *could* try to dox me by scrolling through my masto feed. but i'd have transed your gender before you were even 10% of the way through, so i don't imagine you'd be very successful. though by all means, go ahead and try

when you're james bond but you forgot to renew your paperwork 

license to kill issue

one last comment on this: Tamamo-no-mae has been fred from her binding rock for less than 6 months and Abe Shinzō and Elizabeth II are dead. I'm just saying

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I just think if you're going to have a conversation about whether or not the wizard is in the right to hit someone with a bimbo renamon tf spell its both hotter and more effective pacing to ask that while the spell is going off

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if your gui library does not support the accessibility interface for all platforms you advertise support for, then you shouldn't get to call it a gui library

Hawaii also leads the US in the school-to-prison pipeline - #1 in rounding up children, especially Native Hawaiians. Part of the continued US attempt to destroy us indigenous people and lifeways.

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computers?? in my pornography? it's more likely than you think

More on Hawaii that had the world's highest literacy rate, world's first Universal Healthcare, invented submarines before Jules Verne published 20,000 leagues, before the US invaded, banned our language and culture, ghettoized us, and buried the history.

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information wants to be free but is everywhere in chains
(openAI won't allow Dall-E 2 to be used to generate porn)

teenagers are OBSESSED with this DANGEROUS new trend

[sharing their thoughts and feelings, hoping for a brighter future, caring for each other]

So, WPATH SoC v8 does basically nothing for us enbies who would like nontraditional medical interventions. They cite a 2017 paper to state that "breast growth cannot be avoided" in estrogen therapy patients AMAB, but of course make no mention of SERMs or other exploratory methods. They also don't explicitly recommend masectomies for those AMAB who want them.

These are subtle issues I take up with WPATH's language, but they may be incredibly important in guiding laws and future research!

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