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i love being asexual. i love constantly making horny posts despite the fact that i don't like sex.

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Updated Follow Requirements: Do this before follow requesting me!
- Read through my pinned posts (good job!)
- Put pronouns in your bio
- DM me "ACAB"

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i can't pin other people's toots to my profile, but i'd like to make it clear that this toot by @vyr is unequivocally my gender

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yeah, you *could* try to dox me by scrolling through my masto feed. but i'd have transed your gender before you were even 10% of the way through, so i don't imagine you'd be very successful. though by all means, go ahead and try

[daThings voice] gay sex is Chaste! *harpsicord twangs*

*carries a balled up document in its mouth from one instance to another*
federation :3

this means that vacation homes alone are enough to solve homelessness eight times over

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of the roughly nine million vacant livable homes, 4.7 million are "For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use" (aka vacation homes)

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by the way, we have enough vacant, livable homes in the united states to give every single person who is homeless right now (sheltered or unsheltered, temporary or chronic) 15 whole entire homes each.

based off of:

2021 US Census Bureau vacancy statistics:

2022 US Department of Housing and Urban Development Annual Homelessness Assessment Report:

hey remember the Intel slur slider. that was a thing. what the fuck


enough boosting my post about drinking water. go boost the post about what if the post office was vore

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salespost, please boost! 

Selling my Steam Deck since I’ve basically gotten no use out of it. $600 + shipping for the highest spec model they offer. I’ll also include my micro SD so you can set up a windows dual boot if you like!


the inventor of the weighted blanket, Giles Corey,

I remember as a kid I kept imagining that I was some sort of horrible evil witch in my past life and my current life was an attempt to seal my witch self and keep me well behaved.



Nice quiet low-spoons things I want do more of:
- Read books
- Make small art pieces for other people
- Chill on voice with friends
- Listen to music I like
- Think about good memories

I have somehow managed to do all of those things in the past 24 hours and I feel cool

there is no ethical consumption under capitalism // sometimes it's worthwhile to consider if one can consume less

sometimes when you drink water you can /feel/ the hitpoints returning to your body

continuously collecting more genders so i might one day be allowed in the All Gender Bathroom

BREAKING: Modern solutions revealed to be entirely useless in facing modern problems.

new ship dynamic unlocked!

Girls Who Could Kill God × Girls Who Are God

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