ive angered the librepunk media server and am forbidden from uploading the last 4 pics

alright last batch of industrial park photos. i took way more than this, but i wanna spare people's timelines and also librepunk's media server

if anyone really wants to see more you can reply/dm and ill send a download link to the rest, but be warned, there's like 350 megs of photos

@emi maybe make an imgur album or something similar, because these are not federating and the librepunk server seems unreachable from here =/

@emi these are really cool! did you break in or was it in the open?

@efi not really "break in" so much as walk around the fence until i found a place i could wiggle under it

@emi that's legally breaking in, but im not a cop
usually these derelicts are guarded in my experience, specially industrial and tall buildings, so im glad you didn't get in trouble =D

@emi Wow, the last pic here looks exactly like that flooded, electrified basement in Half Life 2 Ep... 1 I believe?

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