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@raekh me. and if you're not careful i'll do it to your teeth

@enbeanpotSys @theotheroracle it's a term that dates back several years (2020 at least?), and i'm pretty sure it started on twitter?

i also don't really know what it means, but i also got the vibes that it is specifically the addition of obnoxious (often bigoted) counter-opinions in a post that was not looking for that

when you're james bond but you forgot to renew your paperwork 

license to kill issue

my coffee maker keeps overflowing my mug and getting coffee everywhere 

@haskal fill issue

re: food 

@haskal american mild (food was prepared in a clean room in the center of a 100 mile bell pepper-free zone. contains only rice and corn that was tricked into thinking it was other foods)

re: food 

@haskal american medium (one of the cooks thought really hard about a pepper before they came into work today)

one last comment on this: Tamamo-no-mae has been fred from her binding rock for less than 6 months and Abe Shinzō and Elizabeth II are dead. I'm just saying

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I just think if you're going to have a conversation about whether or not the wizard is in the right to hit someone with a bimbo renamon tf spell its both hotter and more effective pacing to ask that while the spell is going off

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