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Bad, nsfw, kink 

Just call them what they are: gamer chastity cages

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Someone please make me a 60 minute video essay about internet meme sharks including left shark, blahaj, and that weird proto-emoji FB messenger had if you typed in (^^^)

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Any screw is a self-tapping screw if you turn it hard enough

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A thought that has been haunting me:
Lua added goto statements in 2011... before adding *integers*

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you'll have to pry my blahaj from my tired sleepy hands

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"trans people are not the enemy" speak for yourself, im gonna blow up the parliament

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Very excited to announce:

💥hydra microgrants 💥
funding for community projects involving hydra video synth

💥Apply by November 7th!! 💥

💥 organised by @hellocatfood
and @ojack , w/ guest judge Monrhea Carter

#generativeart #livecoding

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Update, they also have all their windows completely blacked out. Is the sunlight why I'm so bad at cybersecurity?

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Uh oh person in the IT security training has a red backlit keyboard they must be the baddie

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8fl ➡️ renoise ➡️ gameboy ➡️ t-120 pedal ➡️ cassette recorder 😅 #theWorkshop

Left your window open in the rain? 

Sill issue

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when you're a famous dubstep producer and you're struggling with getting ideas for a new track 

skrill issue

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The distinct feeling of relief when your catboy goes from standing on top of you to lying down on top of you.

The distinct feeling of relief when your cat goes from standing on top of you to lying down on top of you.

All caps, nonsense 

A - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
N - aaaa@@@@aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
X - aaaaaaaaaaaaa
I - aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA
O - AAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA

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working on


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if fedi had a dislike button i think i would try to accumulate as many dislikes as possible


I've had to rewrite like 50% of a coworker's code the last two weeks and I tell ya I am over it

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