A lot of y'all still don't get it. Lorem holders can dolor multiple sit amit on a single consectetur.
So if you have 1 adipiscing elit and 3 sed do you can eiusmod 3 tempor incididunt

@gwenprime am I supposed to smell burning toast when I read this

@osmote I am but a humble shitposter not a medical professional.

@gwenprime I briefly lost cell reception while reading this

@nasser sorry I should be more careful with the industrial grade shitposts

@gwenprime This post is gonna go a long way to getting me through this week. Thanks!

@gwenprime I agree, but it does beg the question,
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

@gwenprime There’ve been far too many incididunts lately as it is. Please don’t add to them.


I feel so meme brained that I got what this was a reference to first time

@gwenprime it's not real lorem ipsum unless it's from the adipiscing region of tempor incididunt, though...

@gwenprime yeah, but I’m not now. Not anymore at least haha

@rainstitcher ahah well i'm sorry/you're welcome that this post greeted you at the start XP

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