All the cool internet people should come to this algorave I know the organizer XP
Wonderville, Feb 18 8:00pm

The theme is "fuck valentines day we're doing halloween again" it's gonna be so sick. masks required, costumes encouraged

Selfie, no ec 

Yea I am a trans girl what gave it away?

selfies, ec 

it's uhhhhh, old selfie saturday or some shit.
Anyway here's me on halloween 2021 with big razordyke energy

Selfie, ec, dumb copaganda joke 

The thin blahaj line

Selfie, mild kink mention 

Okay it's the weekend now. I'll be going back to my healthgoth tech-kink rave fits now thanks

Selfie, no ec, alcohol mention 

Maybe not my most competent fit but it'll do.
To be fair my activities this evening are cocktails with my clients followed by a nightclub with a couple hundred trans people so like... fite me lol

I ordered 3 "1lb grab bags" of webbing from my usual supplier and uhhhh that turned out to be a lot

Selfie, ec, dripping with sarcasm 

This is a completely hinged and reasonable sweatshirt with no double meaning at all.

Selfie, ec 

Dear internet, I know youre all online today, tell me I'm pretty :blobcatevil:

If your a cyberpunk near come hack with us 👩‍💻🧑‍💻🧑‍💻

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