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@vultureculture reagan was the "website boy" of the united states of america

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what r poly people supposed to do on valentines do i start a conference call
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re: Another FOSS software perspective from yours truly 

@alfredohno yea unfortunately i don't have a good recommendation for that :|
You;re right that the autofill is weak though

Another FOSS software perspective from yours truly 

@alfredohno I think there are at least chrome extensions that will just read the file from WebDAV or Nextcloud for autofill.
But I've just been suffering with XC's jank for a while so I'm not sure about them.

@nasser i really hope youre wrong but i have no way to find out

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taking hrt is all fun and games until suddenly you look like your mom

they tweaked it for the 30 year anniversary but it still does this.

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do you think the animated gif on will ever be fixed so it doesn't awkwardly resize the logo at the end?

i have a weird affinity for the netflix series maniac.
I've never really been able to justify why but something about that show just fucking hits me in some sorta way idk

there should be a take a post leave a post jar for masto

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toaster that actually toasts jesus into your bread but only one of a thousand times, randomly, so nobody believes you

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jestful slur-adjacent insults for traditionalists 

Trads, traddies, troods even. tradsexual ~w~

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