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Food, alc, meds, unnecessary 

Today's meals include:
1 (one) bowl of raisin bran cereal
1 (one) protein bar
? (Unkown) wheat thins
3 (three) pills
1 (one) miller high life

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Roses are red.
Roses are blue.
Depending on their velocity
relative to you.

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threat, QM 

what if i uncollapsed ur wavefunction?

omg i finally got this software turned on and im not in the dialout group

maven just ran an npm intsall what is happening

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kink shitpost, really about professional culture 

all opinions are my own and not representative of my domme

"Java runs on over 3 billion devices, except that fucked up linux you have, loser"

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selfie ec 

what genre of music is he listening to

slightly curse: cutting a circle in 2 so i can turn the segments into a polyline so that when it exports to svg it's a path and not a circle

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People figured out where the Lofi Beats to Study To person lives based on the buildings in the background. People continue to be scary, keep up on your opsec, folks.

i am just now today getting around to using some material i trashpicked while helping eyebeam move. Which was 6 years and 3 apartments ago?? what is wrong with me lol

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XML is neat because it's like if someone went, "Hey, s-expressions rock, but what if they sucked?"

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my brain is like linux because sleep mode doesn't work

Mildly lewd 

The best part of sharing fries with girlfriend is that I can guiltlessly double dip since I'm gonna stick my tongue down her throat later anyway. :blobcat:

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Pharaohs were buried with their hands across their chest because of an ancient belief that there would be countless water slides in the afterlife

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