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Maybe there's a blog post in this, like "Simplicity is the easiest path to accessibility on the web"

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I am switching text editors more often than terminal emulators ...

... forgot to tonight ☠️
I blame gnome-boxes. I will not touch that shit again.

All the time I open wofi launcher in my sway, my knife is opening when I see avahi entries there.
Why? :deathtoamerica:

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Don't you realize Zoom is an example of the same crap, with a new name, which can acquire the same amount of data power google or facebook has, and be equally bad?

It's just a face renewal from the big boys up there.

Technology deserves people, deserve sharing, it does not deserve an obscure centralized network that spy our metadata everyday.

#FuckThem #DecentralizeNow

How long it takes, that in distributions will include web browser and file manager?

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I am not sure I would agree (no really I don't agree) but:

"Why you should migrate everything from #Linux to #BSD"

"As an operating system GNU/Linux has become a real mess because of the fragmented nature of the project, the bloatware in the kernel, and because of the jerking around by commercial interrests."


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If you’re going to call me an atheist, please don’t stop there:

Also call me an awitchist, avampirist, awerewolfist, and asantaist because I don’t believe in that bullshit either.

Or be accurate and say I’m not superstitious. Of course, that might mean acknowledging that you are.

Why so many services include calendar? How it is related to send/receive emails?

How it comes, that these few distributions are almost without any attention from community?

One have even problem to find them.

☠️ :anarchy: ☠️

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Hot take: IRC > XMPP >>> Matrix >> MSN Messenger / Skype >> Slack >>>> Discord
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