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And miles to scroll before I sleep.
And miles to scroll before I sleep.

It's a little funny seeing the FBI warnings at the beginning of movies... like don't they have other shit to do?

It's not like I actually need a complicated thing. Mostly just something to display the files and look nice.

I say that, but it would definitely be like me to type "mkdir", forget what I was doing, and then type "ls" without first checking what I'd already typed.

Well, I got a good start today, I think. I'll make more progress when I can.

It must be so hard for non-native English speakers to handle internet slang.

Everything is so complicated, and I'm very proud of what I've accomplished despite it.

Maybe I'll just write my own git display front-end.

FOSS projects actually have documentation challenge 2 0 1 9

Is there any easy way to theme Gitea? I just want a few colors in my theme.

quick reminder 

Well, I accidentally locked the root user out of MariaDB and had to spend like an hour figuring out why and how to get back in. That was fun./s

Me: Oh boy, time to upgrade Prosody on my server!
Gajim on my PC: Connection to server lost
Me: ????? Why happen???

It looks like Gitea works better without JS enabled, so right now I'm leaning in that direction.

Does anyone have any opinions on GitLab vs. Gitea vs. [insert other git hosting service] for self-hosting code?

Sometimes you just have to make something followers-only, not because you don't want non-followers to read it, but because you don't want non-followers to reply to it.

whyd i make this. nobody has used this meme in 3000 years

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