Let they who has not posted cringe throw the first stone

@cozykaffe they hadn't invented tiny needles in biblical times, all needles were much larger than camels

like no motherfucker Jesus was a socialist essentially (I don't really like ascribing modern ideological terms to people from the past but, I mean, how much closer can you get)

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I love how people have tried to retcon the "it's easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into heaven" line from the bible as like "oh no no no you see back then a 'camel' and 'eye of the needle' meant something different!"

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(cool youth pastor voice) you know who else was a gay enby with depression? our monarch and savior, Jesus Christ

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religion, covid 

hey did you know that i can perform miracles and heal any disease (even death!) but i cant fix ur shitty attitude

listen, "the bible" as they call it went through a lot of revision and they cut out a lot of the best stories like when my bro humpty dumpty had a great fall, and i had to bring him back so i wouldnt get in trouble

fellas, we love crossdressing around here, but you know who else was dressed before he was put on a cross? that's right,

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