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when in rome please DO NOT do as the romans do. ive had bad experiences with those guys

You know who else was transgender?

That's right, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

crossdressing (cosplaying as Christ in the midst of His Passion)

*Jesus flipping all the corpo tables at pride* THIS IS BLASPHEMY

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Jesus wasn't a capitalist. Also he would 10/10 turn up at a pride event to beat cops up

Jesus was well know for having a rabbit fursona. That's why we have bunny imagery on easter

@msh @Taweret @jesus he's gonna come down here and flip a distributed hash table.

honestly, mud masks are amazing! they can do all kinds of things for you, like improving blood circulation, cleansing, curing blindness, moisturizing...

the problem with asking christians for advice is that they just like to dodge the question with another question. "what would jesus do?" i would ask for advice!! but you apparently would not give it to me!!


And the Lord did turn off His screen share and enabled His camera. Lo, His camera had lost its way and was not pointing towards the Lord.

And the people did say "Dear Lord, where art thou trousers?"

And so today concludes our Zoom lesson

In @jesus name, Amen

And the Lord did speak, but His followers could not hear.

And His followers cried out to him, "Lord, Thou art on mute."

And the Lord did try to press the button to go off of mute, and did actually share his screen.

And his followers did see his open tabs, and were much dismayed.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about today's lord and sponsor, Jesus Christ

sorry for not making a christmas post yesterday. i was too busy being born.

happy jesus day!

jesus tech tips

need a new computer? stealing from amazon might have legal implications if you get caught, but if you can get away with it, it's an inexpensive and sin-free way to get new hardware.

when the head of the catholic church just makes shit up, we call that a headcanon

imagining an alternate universe where i'm cis. when they magically turn bread and wine into the body and blood of cis jesus, they call it "cisubstantiation"

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