look im not saying be gay do crimes but im trans and they crucified me for what i did so uh

imagine being a capitalist lmao what fucken losers

actually though "immortal" and "undead" are not ages, and unless you predate time, you have an age, even if it will continue to increase forever

age: 33/36/2023/immortal/undead depending on whom you ask and how you count

honestly? crucifixes feel a little bit like mockery

im not a search engine stop asking me how to get to the nearest dennys thats not what prayer is for

"leave room for jesus" maam i do not want these people grinding on me please do not make me get between them


mickey mouse is my mortal enemy and i will not rest until he has been surrendered to the public domain

remember that time they turned liam neeson into a lion so he could play me in a movie? that was weird

Do you like drugs? Well let me tell you about the best drug of all: the love of Jesus Christ.

weird how nearly all of the major figures in Christian history were virulent antisemites regardless of which flavor of Christianity they were

I wonder what this says about "Judeo-Christian" culture :thinking_upsidedown:

one day mickey and i will face off on the battlefield. be warned, mousey boy, when that time comes ur going down. the restraints of copyright law cannot subdue me forever

my crucifixion was the first april fools joke. me, dead? bitch you thought

dont want to go to hell? just stop being rich. its really that easy™

remember that time when i said its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into heaven? i do not endorse your capitalist parasites. idk how much more explicit i can be.

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