Real writing toots but deleting them before posting them hours

mh- ish? 

why is 😞 more sad than 😭

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YAAAS I finally had a workday on which I felt productive since icantremember 🎉 :meowparty:

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i didn't watch the apple thing. i just came here to post this again

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i hardly ever use the carabiner on my keys but tbh utility carabiners are great


If you need a good laugh look for XXL dildos on amazon and read the reviews 😂

AHHHHH so cute
@wgahnagl 💛 Love you in a gay non-romantic way
And yes, I still have the tab with the git of movie-knight open so I haven't abandoned it yet; so we should absolutely do another movie night 👁️

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cowboy or catboy :pinkquestion:

Casual reminder you can opt-out of Clearview data collection (though it requires sending in a photo of your ID):


Fuck 2021

Because they are a bottom and they like it.

mh-, swearing 

me: why the fuck am I sad again?
my mh- ass brain: haha brain chemicals go brrrr

nsfw words 

God I'm such a slut for headpats rn

there's only like 12 people on the fediverse. the prove it, im gonna post this on all my other accounts. watch this,

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