nsfw words 

God I'm such a slut for headpats rn

there's only like 12 people on the fediverse. the prove it, im gonna post this on all my other accounts. watch this,

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mh + and - 

Had another really mh- day and idk why but invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v= just lifted my mood so damn much. Like I am genuinely smiling.

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my mh- ass 

Current status: Unable to leave a gamersite channel because I can't bring myself to leave but the person I wanted to talk to isn't there anyway.

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Toki Pona discord got its pronoun game stepped up.

I mean I don't like Electron but really? Have you considered not doing that?

screen reader unfriendly 

current mood: iuhjncpviubgbüUHÄAGHG

very slight nsfw 

God why am I always so horny in the morning?


And holy fuck does the post jam blues hit hard.

I mean. Fuck all big internet service providers.

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