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Toki Pona discord got its pronoun game stepped up.

I mean I don't like Electron but really? Have you considered not doing that?

screen reader unfriendly 

current mood: iuhjncpviubgbüUHÄAGHG

very slight nsfw 

God why am I always so horny in the morning?


And holy fuck does the post jam blues hit hard.

I mean. Fuck all big internet service providers.

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@quat What are you doing in my bandcamp music feed? What are the odds?

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My computer found this audio file, and I feel that a good portion of fedi will make it their theme song.

Advantages of becoming a cat:
- Snuggles

- ???

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extremely bad gamer take, lewd, misogyny 

oh wow i shouldnt even bother getting a t prescription !

(Don't forget to click the speaker at the top right)

Shoutout to @Tutanota for replacing blacklist and whitelist with spam and nospam

mh- ish 

Tfw I love my new hair but I still think I don't look good in photos

Absolutely in love with my (now) blue hair. Might even post a selfie :blobcat:

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