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Progress for our Folding@Home team has stagnated, and we've actually begun to slowly drop in rank. We made it to the top 3.5% of teams before starting to descend (8938 of 254263)

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Does anyone have any tips or information about getting started as a courtroom sketch artist? Or even just how to get into courtrooms to practice and build a portfolio? I’ve been interested in courtroom illustration since highschool but I’m unsure where to start since there’s no formal training or even a big market for it

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plsss does anyone have the “how corporations think nonbinary ppl dress VS how they actually dress” meme? the one with grover from sesame street???? i need to show it to my coworker and i cant find ittt

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Checklist for moving to a new city:

Make some gay friends: CHECK

Me: I just hit a milestone in my personal project, I should put it down for a week and take a break to do other stuff

Also me: ...ok but how cool would it be if I added this other thing

sending a valentine to a spy you love that says "I think you're incogNEATO"

Just in case you wanted an update on which song is currently setting my soul on fire, it's 幸せのシャナナ by BRADIO

At first I was worried about this new hire group chat I'm in, since some people were talking about like IPAs and real estate, but some other people just started posting pictures of their plushies so they've earned my respect

Me, listening to "Femmebot" - Charli XCX (feat. Dorian Electra and Mykki Blanco)

lately I've had trouble getting my work done because I'm busy thinking about cute girls so I did a very sensible thing and joined a group chat with like 100 more cute girls to talk to


The only valid kinds of alcohol are champagne, soju, and irish cream, because they're the ones that taste good

A few weeks ago I started texting a cute person who I won't be able to meet until August and now I'm living that Sappho poem about being unable to weave


It turns out that if you've got hair and scissors, you're never more than a few hours away from a pretty ok mohawk

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buddy, they don’t even let ME funge the tokens

It has just come to my attention that I now live next to a frat boy party house

Primarily, it is the loud thumping music that has brought this to my attention

just ate a vegetable, might go punch god or something hbu

There is no shame like when you think you're typing your password into a login but actually you message it to someone

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