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Progress for our Folding@Home team has stagnated, and we've actually begun to slowly drop in rank. We made it to the top 3.5% of teams before starting to descend (8938 of 254263)

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A modern-day D&D rogue reciting Mambo #5 as Thieves' Cant for "There is a brothel nearby"

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friendly reminder that you are ethically required to have a crush on Chelsea Manning

The downside to this is that I won't be able to actually do anything else today, I'll just be sitting in my desk chair, vibrating

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I often struggle while downloading/installing/compiling all the misc tools I need to do cool tech things so lemme tell you just how fucking elated I am that I just compiled the C++ bindings for the Godot engine and set up a visual studio project to use some C++ code in my Godot app and it all just worked with very few hangups.

My heart is like actually racing. This feeling is almost on par with being in love

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beg post, please read actually 

Hey this person reached out to me on Instagram and she needs money for this month. I’m $200 short on rent and I don’t have anything I could donate but if we could share this around and help her out that would be great

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boy quarantine has me messed up. Today, on a nearly empty bus, a cute girl sat almost as close as possible to me and my heart was like "what are we"


"I'm Just Going To Eat One Peanut-Butter-Filled Pretzel" And Other Lies I Tell Myself

Every time I try to learn it, my brain completely rejects Unreal Engine. I open a project and I go "uuuuuuugggggghhhhhh" until I have closed the project. I am immune to possessing knowledge of how to do things in Unreal, or wanting to

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when I get the hiccups I get them on and off for one or two days usually and boy they are some fucking maddening days

Have a personal project you want to do, but don't have much time to work on it? Easy solution: simply become a grad student and make your capstone project basically just the thing you were gonna do anyway

selfie, ec, Constant Contact, I'm doin the "paint me like one of your french girls" pose and showin some serious shoulder so like idk, lewdish? 

My roommate's gf came home with some Constant Contact swag, including a neck gaiter, but I have no need for a neck gaiter, so it has been repurposed:

starting to think about what a tarot-themed programming language might look like

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Me: alright I bought a comfy mattress pad and I'm ready to get some real good sleep!

Wisdom tooth: Oh? Sleep? You'd like to sleep? Peacefully? I disagree

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Somebody at Nintendo went to a lot of effort just to make fun of Waluigi for being a cheap knock-off :wah:

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bird watching, caps 


good morning to everyone, but especially to the two blue jays who hang out in the tree directly outside my window

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