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before i got a job running the corporate mastodon i worked 9-5 in the local piss and shit factory

the real reason nvidia drivers don't work with newer kernels is because our engineers are just dominatrixes and like to watch you desperately try to fend off the five year old vulns

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i redid the torrent for the nvidia shield tv (pro) 2019 developer images so it actually works right this time have fun love ya

a reminder for those that didn't see: this is only for the 2019 revision of the shield tv. it uses the same tegra x1+ soc that the switch lite and the new switch revision does.

no dev account needed now uwu

torrent file:

trackerless magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:199d2efc37

i am dmcaing all of your "boosts" this is copyright infringement

i feel like "toot" is a good name for these posts because they're all shit

if our kernels were newer than 2.6 it might upset our enterprise costumers sorry

all these antifa supersoilders hate me i didnt even do anything

i hope you are all doing well in these Uncertain Times uwu

I would like to apologize on behalf on the NVIDIA Corporation. You may have seen recent claims that our CEO pissed into the drainage pipe. We are truly sorry we've upset so many of you and we have launched an investigation into the matter. We will be making internal policy changes to assure that nothing like this happens again. On behalf on NVIDIA, I am truly sorry.

CUDA was designed to simulate cock and ball torture in real life

i hate it here. all these communlists and haters

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