liberals will be like, "you want bike lanes painted in your city? that's a bit utopian, don't you think?"

mastodon.offline, the instance where you have to actually send your posts through the postal system

folks who live in places with window ac: how bad is it during the summers compared to central air?

What's that minecraft mod that lets you kill supreme court justices?

I like how ML work has a built-in disappointment when you run your last set of evaluations on test instead of val and all the scores go down. guaranteed psychic damage with every experiment, as god intended

can't stop thinking about how the movie Cars basically proves that if the USA were built for sentient automobiles and no humans existed, the country would look basically the same.


⚠️🎃⚠️🎃⚠️🎃PUFFBALL: SALEM RESIDENT🎃⚠️🎃⚠️🎃⚠️

Giant tortoises were rediscovered in the galapagos!!! They're not extinct!!

[this post reuploaded due to the original not having a caption.]

i can't get you out of my head 

amd im pretty sure you're mining bitcoin up there

I just looked up "co-living" and


why are they rebranding "having a roommate" as a new trend?

I feel like I've stepped into an alternative dimension where most people don't have roommates or live with family.

It's legal to be gay but only in straight ways (where you are white and buy lots of stuff)

the kitten dedicates a solid 30% of her waking hours to finding precarious ledges to chase her tail on. Ideal occupation

Just a word of warning for when you donate plasma: due to taxes, up to 40% of your plasma is likely going to the Solar Marines in the Outer Colonies to use as ammunition in their blaster coils. So if you’re against the Moon Wars, I suggest you think twice before donating.

anyway a credit score is literally a quantification of every person's desperation, and is weaponized against the poorest people in society in order to increase that desperation as much as possible

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