lockheed-martin representative knocking on the door of the white house like "hello mr. president we've been trying to contact you about your country's extended war"

resume building? work experience? bro what's that i wanna celebrate queer love and mutual aid

i am very interested in computers, which is why none of my computers work


socially liberal, fiscally conservative like "i think everyone's pronouns should be stored on a cryptocurrency blockchain"

capitalism: look, i invented a new thing

people: is it just more CO2 emissions?

capitalism: yea it's just more CO2 emissions

the bread recipe in Food Not Bombs' Anarchist Cookbook is called "Uprising Bread for The Change We Knead!"

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I divorced from reality and reality got the house

referring to double majoring in school as "multi-classing"

shoutout to this old building where you have to walk into the men’s bathroom to go to the only handicapped stall (which is also the gender-neutral bathroom), and into the woman’s bathroom to go to one particular male professor’s office

if a capitalism apologist ever tries to express an opinion to you, simply remind them that they should never do anything they're good at for free, so you have to assume that if they're giving their opinion out for free, it must not be a good opinion

straight dude who names himself bob so that women named alice will all want to talk to him

hey real quick why doesn't anyone who works at a doctor's office or a health insurance company care if you live or die

doing work: ​:hrng:

doing work while drinking tea from a whale mug where the handle is a whale tail: ​:blobcat_thisisfine:

modern web browsers are pretty good operating systems, but they lack decent hypertext document viewers

If someone mentions a health issue and you immediately ask them if they've tried yoga/meditation, they are allowed to throw garbage at you

sorry but that's the rule

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