anti-improv. everything starts with "no, but"

submitting to the mortifying ordeal of being known, as a bit

@wgahnagl bitches be stanning anyone in technology who doesn’t look like a cishet techbro 😔

it’s me, i’m bitches

me: I fucking hate the FOSS community every single person in it is literally the fucking devil
also me, one second after seeing a woman with grey hair as an active contributor to any technology ever: I would die for her. I want to be her. I would do anything for her. That's me. That's gonna be me. I'm gonna do that. I love her so much. woman.

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antitrust spoilers i guess, death 

just heard about computers. damn that shit sucks

please understand that all of my pull requests are flawless. There are 0 problems with them because they are perfect.
Do not tarnish them with comments about your "ideas" or how "this doesn't make sense at all"

I sure wish my cat didn't have a foot fetish, but sometimes that's just how it is

supertuxkart shitpost 

when I yawn and my cat also yawns, boost if you agree

@ohworm I know that an instance can CW everything, but for a more general instance, it would be helpful to be able to get reminders when posting about certain things

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it would be nice if your instance could suggest (optional) CWs based on the toot content. like if you could turn on a setting as an admin that suggests to users that you CW a toot if it seems to mention <x> thing, like food or smth



@ohworm @wgahnagl I have never had pink hair but the influence ,,,,, of the hot pink,,,,, is too strong,,,,,

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I washed my hair this morning and it was leaking pink I blame @wgahnagl

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