Cw: "MAP" instance, FediBlock is a "MAP" Mastodon instance.

Many of their users openly admit a sexual attraction to real children with no intention of therapy. Rather, they gather here to normalize it and encourage others, even some child users.

They are hosted by, which is powered by Linode, the admin's gmail is available

Cw: "MAP" instance, FediBlock 

So anyway for real I gotta look into this more into the morning and figure out how we can report them to Linode/the other company; I'm sure they really don't want to be hosting anything like this and I think it will be easy

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Cw: "MAP" instance, FediBlock, list to report to Linode 

Oh in the IP is "", write your own message about how fucked up this is in the evidence

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Cw: "MAP" instance, FediBlock 

@penny almost afraid to ask but what does MAP stand for

Explanation of term "MAP", pedo 

@The_T @penny "minor attracted person"

Cw: "MAP" instance 

@queeranarchism Fuck off, fuck you, we're not doing discourse here. This is the toot we are using to get it blocked, it will serve no other purpose, I would prefer you delete them but will just block you when I think you've seen this either way

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