You should absolutely discriminate against Nazis or Klansmen or alt-right or ancaps or boogs or white nationalists or Christian nationalists or Western chauvinists or Proud Boys or Threepers or whatever neo-Nazis are calling themselves this week. Do not waste a second thought on this. If Nazis feel welcome ANYwhere, we're not doing our fucking jobs as members of a society.

Reminder not to feel pressured to donate when you buy from like a panda express or a supermarket and they ask you to round up for charity

They're literally doing it for tax breaks

i am trying to get ChatGPT to draw an ascii rabbit and it is hilairously bad at ascii rabbits. i thought this thing was smart. a 2 year old coudl draw an ascii rabbit

hey users, how long do feature phones get os updates? i see that the Nokia 8110 4G shipped with 2.5.0, but there has been a major update since then. same with the Nokia 2720 Flip

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hey users, how long do feature phones get os updates? i see that the Nokia 8110 4G shipped with 2.5.0, but there has been a major update since then. same with the Nokia 2720 Flip

looking for another genderqueer #filipino friend to please take me out shopping for gender affirming clothes that somehow work in our hell weather

i need to find some mastering and loudness plugins.. but alas i have no money

anyone using the samsung folder 2? it's so cute, thinking of getting a used one

for some reason a lot of philosophy dissatisfies me because it feels like everyone is justifying their intuitive beliefs with cleverly persuasive logic and something about that seems disingenuous to me. i guess i don't engage with philosophy that much so maybe im talking out my ass. also the guy i knew in uni who loved philosophy arguments was a total shit ass

Google is basically completely useless now. It comes up with fictional results and presents them like they’re real things.

E.g. a search for “Super Mario Odyssey 2” comes up with a statement that the game was released in two years from now, complete with box art etc.

Dangerzone lets you take potentially dangerous PDFs, office documents, or images and convert them to safe PDFs.

Say you're a journalist receiving a tip in the form of an electronic document. It could be your next big story, or it could be a file containing malware intended to spy on you.

Dangerzone is intended to help anyone manage these risks when dealing with electronic documents. See our "About" page for more information:

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I'm non-binary and use they/them. Been this way since around 2012

This isn't about any particular person or instance of it, and everyone's been cool when it's pointed out, but I've been getting misgendered a lot lately and my pronouns are in my bio. The cumulative effect is becoming wearisome.

There's a lot of pressure to put pronouns in bios but it's pointless if no one's checking.

And I know sometimes it looks really, really obvious what someone's gender is, but gender doesn't always have a lot to do with appearance or comes into play with it in different ways. Check anyway.

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I am SHOCKED that QR Codes actually happened. I would have *never* bet on this ridiculous tech, but as soon as all phones built it into the camera app, then restaurants decided that a QR code pointing to a freaking PDF in Dropbox was a valid menu, it was over. The avalanche had begun, and it was too late for the pebbles to vote.

If I was to launch a new instance specifically for people in portland would anyone be interested? I know others exist, but perhaps there is a community not served by that one. I would probably want it to be left/anarchist oriented. I would also want it to have a hard cap at 500 people.

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