i was thinking i could just convert the individual track .dat files with ffmpeg but that's giving me an error.

just converting the disk with vlc works fine for a bit, but the timestamps are mismatched so the video get choppy very quick.

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just got ahold of a bunch of old Ethiopian VCDs - gonna have a lot of fun trying to rip these

Artists earn around $0.004 per play on Spotify and $0.007 per play on YouTube. If you want to support independent musicians and you can spare it, it's better to spend a dollar and buy a copy of the song.

@Jo "But under communism people won't own anything," said the capitalist hitting play on another Spotify list.

does anyone have recommendations of VPS providers? wanna get into self-hosting and I haven't done it before

gender is a performance and i forgot all of my lines so i'm just winging it

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a deaf student could sue for past damages for not getting the support he needed to succeed in public school.

anyone know of an android music player that lets you rate your tracks and releases on musicbrainz? that would be an amazing feature

So this shit #AntiTrans bill passed the #Georgia Senate.

We have ~90 days to spread the word that any minor in GA that might need HRT to treat gender dysphoria needs a prescription ASAP. You don't have to start taking it, but getting it now grandfather's you in and gives the option.

"The legislation is one of a flurry of bills being proposed in Republican-led legislatures around the country targeting transgender people."



[Lessons I learned and quotes I heard during my first #PFLAG online meeting.

More updates to follow, but I encourage you to find a #PFLAG meeting to join. They are looking for any and all #LGTBQ #Ally



"You are infringing on our parental rights."

"Good luck finding doctors to work in rural Georgia if Senate Bill 140 passes"


#TransRights are #HumanRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #Christofascist #News #Fascist
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when did they add the "make chaff" option? this is so cool

I haven't talked about how much I love poor as shit uneducated rural people recently, so let me just take a moment to remind all you urban Yankee leftists that the most radical praxis I've ever witnessed has been by people who don't know what the fuck a theory is but sure as shit know their neighbors aren't going hungry, that their cousin isn't getting harassed, that no one in their community is going to be out in weather like that

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i sometimes think people get the wrong idea about disenfranchising nazis.

i dont mean like they should be kicked out of book clubs. I think being a nazi should carry with it enough collateral damage that people violently oppose your existance at all levels. being a nazi should carry with it grief and tragedy. collateral damage.

the presence of a nazi should drive people to pelting you with rocks until you die no matter where you go instead of being kicked out of a book club or what people imagine.

your house should be shot at randomly in the night. there should be people throwing pipe bombs in your window if you are a nazi

Black mental health initiatives need to be prioritized if people really want to support us. We see our own being killed every day and deal with racism and intersecting forms of oppression. Many black people live in poverty and cannot afford mental health therapy. Your donation to a black mental health initiative or a black person struggling with mental illness means the world.

Buy my pin: redbubble.com/i/pin/Prioritize

what's my opinion on the mp3 encoder? i think it's pretty lame

This is the EXACT kind of shit we have been warning you about. "A.I." tools trained on data filled with asaumptions and prejudices about marginalized people and then being deployed in situations with literal life-&-death implications for the people involved. In this case, diaabled parents being more likely to be flagged as "unfit."

This is utter nightmare shit.


#Bandcamp's US workers are forming a union! If you're involved in the #music scene, please check out bandcampunited.org and show your support for their efforts!

I think that on some fundamental level the people think tools for having the internet parroted back to them have just really, really not experienced the internet in any sort of meaningful way at all. It's just an astoundingly naive, ignorant thing to want, just pure "Let Them Eat Stochastic Cake" territory.

audio prod, linux 


Linux options are a little lacking at the moment, but holy smokes are these some nice looking plugins!

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