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Hi there. I've setup a Debian repository for PureOS Amber and Debian 10 (Buster). It currently provides the latest versions of:

- Telegram Desktop [repacked from official binaries]
- CPU-X [official Debian 10 .deb from GitHub release]
- Electrum [from Debian Sid]
- Monero (monero-cli) [repacked from the official binaries]

Instructions for adding the repository are in Feel free to request a package with an issue.

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Guerrilla Software Liberation

If you have access to software or hardware documentation that is proprietary and is otherwise undocumented, it is your duty as a good librepunk to leak it.

This includes API documentation, Verilog, schematics, and source code.

Make torrents, put it on IPFS, put it on every git instance imaginable.

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I regret to inform you that have done illegal math.

Hear me out: What if there was some way to prove someone was who they say they are without a blue check? Maybe some weird one-way mathematical function?

Maybe some kind of system with two keys... one is for sharing, and the other is private. And the private one proves you made the post, and the public one verifies it...

The unholy trinity: Modchips, arbitrary code execution, and privileged escalation

@riley @polarisfm what if we both 😳😳 avoided surveillance 😳 with end-to-end encrypted chat 😳😳😳👉👈

@polarisfm hey I just met you
and this is crazy
but here's my matrix

I've finally done it. I've made the worst post in the Fediverse.

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I knyow we just met, but... Can we do awbitwawy code execution togethew? >w<

We out here losing followers over cold to lukewarm takes.

re: Very Lewd Hardware Design (incl. NSFW Image) 

Does anyone have GNU/Linux running on this yet? Have we achieved blobless titty gaming?

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Very Lewd Hardware Design (incl. NSFW Image) 

I hate the fact a company produced a vendor neutral game console that anyone could develop for, had very high quality tooling and materials used to make it, and it was literally designed to be a titty.

If I went over to a friend's house and saw this on their self I think I would cease communication with them entirely.

Use Matrix, use XMPP, use DeltaChat.

You should own your communication, not some company.

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Also don't use Discord, it's hot garbage. They have a strangehold on so much communication, it's only a matter of time before they sell all that data. They're just playing the long game until they've reached critical mass.

Discord is Skype is WhatsApp is Facebook is MSN is AIM

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Apparently the bot is in "4k servers" though so that's kind of funny.

Also apparently they haven't changed the API endpoints on the bot so it will be dead by November 1st anyway.

This is someone entrusted with handling the data of several thousand users, lol ok

It's nice to see that not only are Discord themselves incompetent, unethical bastards, but so are people developing bots for the platform. 👍

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This is completely hypothetical and I did not make a Discord account just to crash this person's shitty bot after someone complained to me about the dev's violating of probably the easiest license to follow ever written.

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Imagine forking someone's MIT licensed bot, removing all attribution, refusing to release the source, and then claiming you rewrote all the code, only to have someone find it is vulnerable to the exact same buffer overflow as the forked bot.

Oh and then the bot went offline for four days while the devs figured out how to write an if statement.

And then it turns out they didn't actually fix it so it went offline again for two or three days.

Hey, despite what hardware vendors will tell you: Game consoles and mobile phones are computers, and fairly capable ones at that. It is completely unethical to force you to go through an approval process and sign an NDA to write software for their machines.

Fuck Apple, Fuck Sony, Fuck Microsoft, Fuck Nintendo. Thanks <3

The only thing that excites me about new console launches at this point is the race to get homebrew and/or another OS working on them.

Godspeed, PS5/Xbox Series warez kiddies.

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