Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime
That's why I plan a revolt on company time

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If you aren't on a watchlist you're doing something wrong.

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The video will be put on a Peertube instance (still not sure of which one at this point), a copy will be on my website, and the video will be avaliable via IPFS. The video will contain no adverts or sponsorships, no social media promotion, no like/share begging, and no irritating end screen that you see on YouTube videos, which are especially strange to see if you're watching through Invidious or youtube-dl.

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Hi there. Some of you may recall that a while ago I asked if anyone would be interested in a series about lesser known spyware companies/brands. The response was very positive, and I'm pleased to announce that work on the first video in the series has begun. I mentiond that my inital target woule be "Honey," a spyware browser extension, but that aspect has changed. I've found a much more repulsive company as my first target. Production won't be fast, but it is happening. Cheers!

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Hi there. As some of you may know, April 2nd is the day of the Autism Speaks "light it up blue" campaign. I would encourage you not to participate on behalf of all people on the autism spectrum. If you're looking for an alternative and actually helpful campaign, look into the campaign.

The horrors of Autism Speaks are too many to go into here, so I'd like to provide links to videos on their wrongdoings.

The video links and content warnings will be in my next post.

The news about Zoom these past couple of weeks just keeps getting worse and worse 🤦

"Ex-NSA hacker finds new Zoom flaws to takeover Macs again, including webcam, mic, and root access"

And a Windows one too:

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¿Hablas español?
Do you know Spanish speakers who could translate the new page for the solidarity project ?
Should I post it at feneas ?

Page is
Files are here

So be aware folks! Use #Jitsi Meet, #NextCloud Talk or #BigBlueButton instead (in random order) if possible.

*#Zoom Meetings Do Not Support End-to-End Encryption*

"… Without end-to-end encryption, Zoom has the technical ability to spy on private video meetings and could be compelled to hand over recordings of meetings to governments or law enforcement in response to legal requests. While other companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft publish transparency reports that describe exactly how many government requests for user data they receive from which countries and how many of those they comply with, Zoom does not publish a transparency report. On March 18, human rights group Access Now published an open letter calling on Zoom to release a transparency report to help users understand what the company is doing to protect their data. …"

#videoConferencing ,,,

(via @mousebot and @thenewoil)

From what I understand there are no schematics released for the actual hardware as of now, just the verilog. Though the leaker says they have more data, they're first trying to get AMD to pay them... Hopefully this won't happen and we can all benefit from possibly the most extensive documentation we've ever had for a major GPU release.

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For aspiring hardware architects or people interested in reverse engineering, the Verilog for AMD's upcoming GPUs was leaked, including the Verlilog for the upcoming Xbox One X's GPU. Could be a major boost for people trying to get Free Software running on the system, or just generally for libre drivers and AMDs upcoming architecture. Got DMCA'd, but it's still out there, though I won't link for obvious reasons.


Hey all, was scraping all of the followers lists for all of our users, hammering our instance pretty hard.

Check your logs for and 2a00:1828:2000:195::2 we had 2000 active TCP states when I nuked them.

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I opened @wgahnagl's card(s). Not sure if you're okay with me taking pictures of them, but thank you so much, they're so sweet! I appriciate the extra one, even if it was an accident jaja. Happy anniversary Librepunk!

I think I'm going to sit down after work and condense my incoherent ramblings into a few concise paragraphs about the pandemic.

The tldr is: watch what's going on. Watch what the Federals are doing. Think about how medical martial law is being normalized. Look at the freedoms that we can lose at any time now that a precedent has been set.

Also FEMA death camps. See ya'll there my fellow dissidents

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