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Hi there. I've setup a Debian repository for PureOS Amber and Debian 10 (Buster). It currently provides the latest versions of:

- Telegram Desktop [repacked from official binaries]
- CPU-X [official Debian 10 .deb from GitHub release]
- Electrum [from Debian Sid]
- Monero (monero-cli) [repacked from the official binaries]

Instructions for adding the repository are in Feel free to request a package with an issue.

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Guerrilla Software Liberation

If you have access to software or hardware documentation that is proprietary and is otherwise undocumented, it is your duty as a good librepunk to leak it.

This includes API documentation, Verilog, schematics, and source code.

Make torrents, put it on IPFS, put it on every git instance imaginable.

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I know XPrivacy can do this (and a lot more, too), but you need XPosed for it, which is a fickle beast...

A lot of our customers use WordPress to manage their websites, and to date I don't think I've seen a single one use the same page editor as another.

Which says a lot for two reasons:

1) Literally no one is using vanilla WordPress to create their websites for some reason (spoiler: it's because its terrible).

2) There's no industry standard toolset for creating websites with WordPress. Just a bunch of disparate, patchwork plug-ins all trying to accomplish the same thing, with varying degrees of success, that lose support and fade away in 2-4 years time.

It's incredible to me how many proprietary mobile flashlight programs exist and how much of them will steal any and all data they can get their hands on.

I despite Apple and rarely give them credit for anything, but mobile clipboard monitoring is something that's actually brilliant.

It lets normal people know that their bank's mobile app is spying on them.

Is there an equivalent for rooted Android?

Hi folks! If you need to use some legacy flash programs, or you simply want to go back and experience your favorite childhood Newgrounds animations, check out Lightspark;

A libre replacement for Adobe's Flash Player! Please note that the version included in most OS repositories is horribly out of date. The version in Debian still lists Gnash as a dependency (which hasn't been required for quite some time). They just released version 0.8.3, with 76% coverage of Flash APIs

@fribbledom headlines matter is the other lesson from this excellent article

Sometimes they cuddle together like this and they look like one organism

Someone said "is that still a thing?" when I announced I was on Mastodon. Is it?
Boost this so we actually get a few votes maybe? How far can it go?

@polarisfm There is a popular fork by Marx who due to personal reasons can no longer maintain it but there is a small community around maintaining the fork. Also older users aren't quite happy with the new API so the devs reject any merge requests.

Coffee as a Service...
Could someone file a git issue? The maintainer of libcapitalism is really falling down on their job.

in capitalist tech: massive user growth ---> lots of money (funding) available --> pay fancy people to do fancy scaling things

in community project: massive user growth ---> aaaah everything is really chaotic now, there are loads of tasks that nobody wants to (or can) do... it's like actual work!! I thought this was meant to be fun...

the solution to me is to scale out, not up, federate don't grow. but still, people seem more focused on big ideas that need to scale up to be successful.

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Main website linking to this blog post says "open source"

Blog post url contains "open source"

Blog post title contains "open source"

Last paragraph of blog post "That being said, Cyph isn’t considered free software. In addition to the patents, our source code is licensed under Ms-RSL, which is effectively a read-only license"

That, my friend, is not ok. #foss #fossposters

Bazaar by ytcracker:

Never thought I'd hear someone rapping about computer crime over remixed Earthbound music but my life is better after hearing it.

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