Important PSA for people living in the US: The FCC has been forced to reopen public comment on the Net Neutrality decision following a court case by Mozilla. The influx of bots (suspiciously using the names of telecom subscribers) that were anti-Net Neutrality has caused this. The FCC is trying to bury this, and very few are reporting on it.
To (re)file your thoughts on the FCC's decision, go to Proceeding 17-108 is Net Neutrality. This ends in March.

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@polarisfm I don't see the point in sending in more feedback

it's clear the people in charge of the FCC are hostile actors just looking for an excuse to give the democrats

US pol, net neutrality action 

@polarisfm as usual, if it's important, tag it, so people will find it

(which is why i'll repost it instead of boosting)

I'm not sure how maby people looking through the Net Neutrality or FCC tag will not have already heard the news. The signal boost is appriciated though.

Boost with CW. US net neutrality PSA, comments open again!!

@polarisfm turns out john oliver's website for making this easier still works.

I submitted a comment (two actually I forgot a point I wanted to make in the first comment) and it tells you these are public comments when you make them, so I thought it might be nice to browse some of the comments and see what points other people are bringing up.

Apparently they've received over 23million comments.

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